Why can I not scrap my duplicate horde cards?

Title says it all, I have like 60 dupes for multiple cards just sitting there.

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Question I asked myself at launch. Should of been in at launch. Or they have some weird idea on what to do with that (alot of things should of been already in the game) Ether way, we can only wait and see.

TC have said that they want to keep it open to possibly increasing the level cap.

Do you mean the character level cap? Or the card level cap? Either way how is that a solution to duplicates? Something that annoys me is doing runs on inconceivable and above and getting green cards. Oh boy what to do with the dupes.

Skill cards.

I think the idea is so when/if this happens then players can use their duplicates straight away.

I don’t think it’s just because they might add a future skill level. IIRC they’ve also mentioned they have concerns about a big influx of scrap from duplicated skill cards, which can then be used to craft customisations. IMO they’re overthinking it and should just let us scrap the duplicates if we want to.