Why can I never get Escape lobby’s going?

Look. I know everyone wants to run the daily and weekly, but why does it take 10-15 minutes to get someone in my damn lobbies?

I’ve been sitting her for 15 minutes trying to get a Split game going, but nothing.

Yes, I understand it’s the Split, but it’s really not that bad! Really!

Just curious, are there any escape hives that are universally hated and you refuse to play? Because if so, I’ll just stop making lobbies for them!

I’m tired of seeing clock and surge lobbies, along with the reward hives, and that’s it.

Not the mention no one even plays clock and surge! They just do that dumb run to the safe room for xp ■■■■!

The more I try and fail to play escape with randoms on different hives, the more the game dies for me.

I’ll even take a level 2 protector right now! Just someone!

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Hordes the same now since dailies. You either play that or nothing on the higher levels. You don’t even see the speed run maps like you used to.

You think you have it bad, whatever you see, I get a 10th of the lobbies on uk time.

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Maybe people don’t like Split because it’s not fun for the common player and they have no rewards incentive to try it. Heck, even I don’t like playing it anymore purely because of the stupid BS from Sentinels in act 2 alone, and you damn well know I ain’t a terrible player.

And the daily map also contributes to there being little variety of games at least on Incon and Master.

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It’s probably cos most players are forum lurkers and they see your name @SPARGELKOHL and they think “I know that guy from the forums he’s really up himself. I don’t want to play with him and he’ll probably kick me anyway!” :smiley:

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You’re probably right. I wouldn’t play with me either. I can be a bit of a ■■■■■ I suppose, can’t I.

For real though, anyone can play in my lobby’s until they do something dimwitted. They tend to get angry when I kick them, but never thank me for letting them play their level 7 demolitions in my lobby.

You’re a better player than myself Wall. The sentinels can definitely be bs, but they are manageable.

I’ve done the hive 49 times now hahaha. Half with randoms.

It was a similar thing with the lobbies back in Op3/4, unless I had the surge, clock or the new hive up, it took a while for people to get into the lobbies, then once you get people into said lobbies, there’s no guarantee they will be any good or know the hive.

Last Stand is a classic example of a hive where, even now, most people try to hold off the enemies in the first act and fail every time. The Labyrinth is another.

Some people pick it because of gameplay variety and challenge, some want an easy clear, some just want to beat it.


Onslaught. Such a slog, if I ever want to sit behind turrets for an ungodly amount of time I’ll reinstall Gears4.


I never make onslaught lobbies, as I find it boring too.

I’ll never play it legit with randoms either. If it’s randoms, I run the second act. ■■■■ fighting with them.

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On a serious note, I get this as well. I think there are sometimes problems with the lobby appearing in the lobby pages. Sometimes I flick between the lobby visibility settings (public/private) and then all of a sudden the spaces fill up.


Wouldn’t suprise me with the amount of Ghost-lobbies I’ve seen.

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I’ll have to try that if I can even get my stupid Gears to connect to the servers tonight.

^For real though, are some of the servers down again? My daily progress just reset after quitting the match.

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Maybe. It’s such a pain in the ■■■. This game just wants me to hate it.

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Jokes on you. I hate the game 90% of the time even when the servers are working.


I’m just about done all my classes, cards a reups for the most part but I guess you can add me and I can finish the last few if you want :man_shrugging:t2:. I’m not a fan of the split but it is definitely not too bad.

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Drop an invite, I am willing to play on the split.

I would play as Marksman

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Really though, you’re welcome to Marksmen. You can always shoot me a message if you’re wanting to play, and if I’m not busy we can squad up.

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If you message me I’ll get it on my phone and if I’m free I could try and help. I’m not S tier but I’m not trash either so there’s a leveled body potential for reaching out :wink:

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Haven’t played with you in awhile. I’m sure that’d be a good time hahaha

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