Why aren't some metals counting?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ive got 5+ kills 5× but its stuck at 4 and ive definitely done more than 50 wave on inconceivable which past master

Which medal? Daily or Tour?

Have you tried the IT approach

Metals like this ?

I honestly have no clue, TC doesn’t like Canadians ?

I’ll go ahead and assume he means the misleading “5 kills without dying”.

You need to get a Quint for that one. Kill 5 people or bots with no more than 4 seconds between each kill.
Only accountable in PVP.

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Yeah, I’m thinking that myself.

OP host a private game of Warzone on Mercy and change weapon load out to grenades only. Head to enemy spawn, throw a grenade and there is your quint ribbon which will unlock the medal.

Alternate: Host private KOTH on Blood Drive. Change weapon spawns to relic retro lancer, set respawns to the lowest time and mow down the enemy as they leave spawn. Done and done.


Try what WrinklyHornet34 says.
The description is way stupid but it is what it is.

Tagging doesn’t do so well with spaces does it ?

Do you seriously think inconceivable is harder than master?

Dude this medal is stupid too. Currently at 22 waves out of 50. Bots are pathetic along with the hidden difficulty spikes. Last medal I need for the Horde medal group.

Playing maxed infiltrator on regular Horde. If there’s a faster way to cheese someone chime in. Damn Survivor mutator. Every Horde allowed “restart from beginning” which should have been added when TC changed it in Escape but noooo.

Just join a lobby that is running a 50 wave master on a map and u will get it.

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Quite a few people have a really hard time getting a Quint. At least it’s not “The Ocho”, which I just got for the first time. I’m surprised there are even medals for so many consecutive kills.

What in the frack is an Ocho? Lol

8 kills within 5 seconds of each other (as in no more than 5 seconds between each kill in the chain)

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Wait till they see the GOAT ribbon… they will be like :scream:

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Yeah, that is a ribbon I will never see in competitive lol.

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