Why are we (Brazilians) so hated in online games?

Hey guys. I saw an interesting comment talking about this saying:

Can I assume that you are Brazilian and those players are from south america?

Sadly, it’s a common thing. Many hate Brazilian because they are hosts (or at least they were host on Gears 4) (it’s like the hate for mexican lag), but being racist it’s just something that can’t be tolerated.

I hope that those players will be banned soon, or at least some type of enforcement.

So, I thought it would be a good idea explaining this to you all. So, why are we so hated by them? No, it’s not because we are the hosts, “lagging” everyone else or something like that. Here, in South America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile etc has a historical past.

Many of them just hate us, saying we are monkeys, apes etc. It happens a lot on soccer. In my case, yesterday on Gears 5, it wasn’t different. Those two players had a decent ping, a good one while playing with us.,But soon as they found out I was a brazilian PC Player, those attacks started with: “Mono Hacker”. Mono means monkey in spanish, by the way.

" :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey:" “Negrito” and bla bla bla. We do have bad experience while playing games like: CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Gears 5 or any other competitive game against them, Sounds like they see us like apes, like wild animals or a kind of a “inferior human being”.

Summing up, that’s it! That’s why we are so “unpleasant” to them.


People dont hate Brazilians. Or any south Americans for tht matter.

Even when your ping is decent. Your connections suck.

Honestly…I think thee entire community wants you guys to have your own servers
The population is big enough. Thats for sure.


I’m not talking about the entire world, my dear. But about the South America itself. They do hate us a lot, many of them.


South american lives matter


Sorry you’re experiencing racism. It looks like there is definitely some infighting going on between South American countries resulting in racist remarks being made. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to help you as we don’t have any knowledge of the issue. Most of us are from US or UK here. Best bet would be to screenshot any racism and report it to proper authorities.

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Or from Hungary! :face_with_monocle:
(Is there anybody who hate Hungary!? :thinking:)

Just lag.

I don’t care anymore.

I achieved the highest ranks in this game.

But for those that haven’t & are grinding it’s a problem for them.

I don’t care. I’ll play any server.

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To be honest, people just like hating on other people online. I have been called a whole slew of racial epithets that aren’t even applicable to my actual race (I’m of European decent).
The worst thing you can do is give people like that attention. As hard as it may seem, i’d recommend ignoring it as best you can.


That’s very sympathetic of you


I was playing Sea of thieves and some crew ask me if I was Brazilian because they are the enemy so is very normal in this part of the world.
I don’t hate Brazilian, actually I only hate my latin American internet and I really enjoy playing with everyone who is not an idiot.
Is sad because the majority of the Chilean gamer are idiots.
Edit: Im chilean

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And you were doing so well until your last sentence…


Mute and block button exist only to be covered in dust and cobwebs I swear.


You are right I forget a little detail on that, I’m Chilean and unfortunately for me the big majority, not all of them enjoy this cain of racism when they are playing, it’s only a game say “sopa du macaco” and do monkey noises.

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It’s a never ending thing but help a lot

Ah, that makes sense. Yeah that’s cool. The only groups that are fair game to discriminate against are your own kind, the English, and Americans. :smiley:


I loathe them monkeys. I mean burning hatred. Every time im at the zoo they all mean mug me from their enclosures. Then they try to pee on me from above or throw their poop at me. But then still expect me to throw them some peanuts. Those god damn dirty apes.

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I’m always amazed at the mentality of willingly being a victim in gaming. If you choose to play online against other people of the world…what are you expecting? For them to cheer you on? To build your confidence? Compliment your aim and your choice in weapon skin?
No, they are going to want to tear you down. How do people tear each other down? Personal attacks. And in online gaming, where you are located (general region) is one of the most prevalent personal details. So that’s where they focus in and attack. It’s asinine, petty, childish, and downright rude…but it’s not gonna change. Throw in some cultural histories clashing, and it’s ripe for racist comments. Report it, with as much detail as possible, and move on.


Everyone hate HUNGRY. :sweat_smile:

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That and the fact is I can only speak for the server I know.

I just don’t like the lag they tend to cause. Nothing more.