Why are we always connecting to US servers

Coalition… Spain, is in europe no in america xddd.

140 ms is not playable, repair this.


They really need to update us on this

I’m in Ireland and regularly seeing 100 or more ping. I’m only playing this a week now and I’m already getting sick of ■■■■ connections. So what’s the story with European servers. Do they exist?

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My world in this game every day, 80+ ping every match haha

They are on the problem: https://www.gears5.com/status

That’s been there for 4 days now still no response from TC. Shocking


Poland - from 130 to 170 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Sometimes I have luck and connecting to European server then is ok,

from 80 to 90 is still ok.

TC say here Gears 5 have 60 Tickrate, But I do not think that’s the truth.

  • Fact 1 I asked in the live stream befor Gears comes out, have the Server 60hz Tickrate he said no 30hz Tickrate. Afte one Week comes this Post.
    Gears 5 Servers 60hz Tickrate!
  • Fact 2 on tournament all Play over lan !
  • Fact 3 It does not feel that is 60hz Server, Lag , Delay, Sponging, etc ( even if the lobby Pings are ok)
    I do not know if they tell fairy tales but I do not believe them anymore

The worst is there are no answers from TC , no Respect for the community. We should give the same back.


Man this problem first started Thursday and it’s been the weekend, chill they will be on it this week

I can assure you it’s been going on longer than Thursday but let’s just hope it gets fixed soon, that along with the small amount of maps are getting boring fast

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This wasn’t happening before, I only noticed this now. I usually have around 11-15 ping but recently it’s been like 88-92 and the difference is very noticeable

because they do not care about Europe and have invested more in servers in Mexico


I can’t believe they would just abandon the European players. Like all 4-5 of them?

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LYeah if this keeps up I am gonna have to quit the game for a while. I have a thing about not quitting ranked games but I got so pissed off that I launched 3 games in a row and had 120 ping and just dash boarded the game each time before the match even started. Does quitting get stored in your stats?

I’m in us east and I’m being thrown in Brazil servers. Wtf is that.

Same here, Im from Brazil.

This needs fixing like a week ago.

I’m looking forward to being able to play against people in my region again.

I’d like to know what caused this issue, as they said it was fixed before and it has resurfaced.

It’s really unacceptable that this issue has been going on since launch (on and off)


The fact of the matter is this should have never happened in the first place, it’s never happened on any other gears before


In Gears 4 you could pick your server, why can´t you do this on Gears 5?

I gave it a try again just now, 120 ping…off to Apex I go. TC, you just lost a longtime fan of Gears. Been playing almost every day for about 10 years but I´m sick of this! I paid good money for the Ultimate edition of this game and this is what you give me in return?!

And none of you have the time to even reply ! Do anyone of you even read the forums?!