Why are universal executions locked to specific weapons

It for sure doesn’t


My bad that was a fail on my part, I had the surgical procedure animation in mind while I was typing and I subconsciously ignored the word decapitation. Believe it or not I wrote a reply that was intended to agree with what you said.

That’s why old characters can use new emotes in the store as well as new characters using old emotes. They’re running the same animations TC made for the base game features. Same with the executions, like how the base Hammerburst execution from the third game is available for several other weapons. Hammeraway or something, I believe.

The animation on the surgical procedure is exactly the same. The way the character, gun, and even the way the character being killed flails around, are all the same. TC could implement this in the full game. The punt on the gnasher and uh…whatever the Lancer one is called, where you throw the head of the executed person, could also be on all guns as you backpack the Lancer/Gnasher to do it.