Why are universal executions locked to specific weapons

A lot of executions are tied to weapons even though they don’t require that weapon to perform the execution.

Why is this the case, most executions are totally universal and would be fine being equipped by other weapons.

For example you need to use a Lancer to be able to perform the Lancer: Decapitation Execution.

Right it can’t be performed by any other weapon so of course it’s going to be a Lancer only execution.

Same with a bunch of other weapons like with the Embar: Charged Execution. You can only do it with the Embar.

But then you have executions like the Snub: Gut Kick Execution. Which is tied only to the Snub Pistol.

This execution is only available to be used when you have the Snub Pistol out, not even other pistols can use it.
But i don’t use the Snub at all while performing the execution, as you can see i’m not even wielding it.
Why is this execution tied only to the Snub Pistol, it can literally be performed with any other weapon equipped.

The Talon: Knee Face Execution. Only able to be used with the Talon Pistol, but i don’t use the Talon at all.

I’m using my knee, not a weapon so it doesn’t need to be tied to the Talon Pistol.

The Lancer: Spike Execution. Only usable with the Lancer.

But i don’t use the Lancer at all, i rip his head off with my hands and throw it on the ground.
It’s a universal execution, it doesn’t require the weapon it’s currently tied to.

It’s not like holding a specific weapon causes a problem either when performing the execution.
The weapon just disappears and reappears like when you do an emote.

A lot of these executions should be universal across all weapons, maybe they’d be used more if they were.

Or maybe there’s a good reason why this is the case and it’s totally gone over my head, if so my bad, ignore thread.


I agree with this. It doesn’t make sense.

It was even more insulting to the Curb Stomp to have it locked to a pistol execution after already being disgracefully robbed of it’s own button.


Not to mention just more in general, we havent seen a new execution besides the decapitation one and the psych? (Playing with a TC employee reward @TC_Clown still waiting :rage:) in like 2-3 operations. More content BS but 0 executions in tour (are there any in 8s?)
But yeah OP I like this, always give the player more choices, never restrict.

On an unrelated not I just got an ethernet cord today and wow. Not an single wifi symbol/other symbol(forget what its called) in game yet. Still working a way to wrap it around my room (got a 50ft one) so my cats dont get it. But it’s a real game changer.

So TC could sell them 20 times, , not just once.

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I’ve seen about 15-20 that weren’t in the store yet, but were added to the files over a year ago. TC probably forgot they made them and won’t put them in the store, ever. Does anyone remember Op3 or 4 when the tour actually had executions in it? Good times.


I remember when the Tour wasn’t 50% coins. 35% weapon skin sets split into several pieces and 15% everything else.

Like yeah, I get it, the game was getting less support and whatnot when this started and it’s not getting better(and I barely use special executions or the emotes/expressions) but still.


Do you remember any specific ones? Or was it just file names. Blows my mind some still only have like 2-3 executions for them. Honestly having different executions was one of my favorite aspects in 5. But like much of all else they found a way to make it lackluster.

Check your private messages - the Gears 5 curbstomp really stood out as it looks way better than the ones currently available ingame. And the Mace execution was nice.

A round house curb stomp??? When was this a thing???

@TC_Sera would adding all executions to the permanent in game store be something that is possible? Or do yalls marketing plans or whatever not allow it. They have been slept on for a while now and If they arent gonna be coming back on a regular basis like it has can we just add all of them into the store (for coins/iron of course). Giving many players fresh ways to pummel their way to the top…

Obviously as there is still one op and probably two year before 6, it’s not time to add all character or weapon skins yet, but executions should all be there by now if they arent a focus anymore.

Never. These are in the gamefiles similiar to [REDACTED] Anya (shoutout to @staindgrey) or French Raam and were never sold or released to the public.


This can be done in gears ue, also more than 1 person can do it at the same time on the the same dbno player.

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lizzie’s voice boooooooooo

Only played the campaign:( dont remember it being there?

When doing the execution u had to push left or right on the left thumb stick iirc, this was in versus.

Tc not having these executions in the store makes me hate them even more. clowns :clown_face:

The Roundhouse Curbstomp was past store content.
I actually spent iron on it. :sweat_smile:

Not sure if this has been mentioned but my gnasher and lancer executions seem to have all defaulted to the same one, regardless of the execution I select. By same one I mean all the gnasher executions are the same (regardless of which one I select) and lancer executions are the same (regardless of which one I select).

Is this a recent change or is this some kind of bug?

Dude the Retro execution has the exact same animation.

So that’s why I defeated him so easily in the first game.

The execution has you chainsaw through your opponents neck, the Retro doesn’t have a chainsaw.
You could have a similar execution for the Retro called the same thing but the animation would be different.
It’s not the exact same execution and the animation is unique for that weapon.

But then all the other examples i used for the universal executions have the exact same animation.
Regardless of what weapon the execution is tied to the animation is the exact same because it doesn’t use a gun.
See the difference?.