Why are they not listening?

It’s really sad to see what gears have come to. Gears 5 has so much potential but really you guys disappoint every game. Why? Because you guys listen to the wrong people. I’ve been playing gears since 2007 so I’m a veteran I’m not hating.

You guys need to fix the matchmaking and servers ASAP.
EU players keep getting put on us servers, that gives amerikan’s alot of adventage. bullet sponging etc.

No real gears fan gives a fck about arcade and horde all this dumb fixes but the core of gears is not being worked on and it’s ruining gears for me and alot of Gow veterans. I already don’t feel like playing anymore. I hope you guys get your shy together but untill changes are made gears for me is dead.


All I really have to say is you can be a Gears fan and like ranked play and Horde both lol.


“You need to listen to me because I’m good and I’m a veteran blah blah blah gnasher not op qq”

I’ve been playing since this game was being conceptualized and stylized under the name unreal tournament. So my opinion must have more weight and I say I love this game as is.


Saying real fans don’t care about other modes is absurd. I care deeply about horde, it is my most played game type, and it has a huge flaw in it that needs to be fixed. But that’s neither here nor there. Show some respect for fellow fans of the franchise.


That’s the biggest problem I see here right now…the lack of respect for each other. We’re all here to support a franchise we love, just because we all have different opinions about what makes it great doesn’t make any of us less of a fan.


Well said. It is definitely true. We all play differently, we all have different opinions, but we’re all fans of the same great franchise that has made us a group over the last 13 years. Definitely a lack of respect.


Personally, I love arcade, it’s almost alien playing gears with no gnasher but its alot of fun, teamwork and gunplay feel strange instead of a group of 5 lone wolves

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Arcade is an interesting touch and I like that kills give you points to buy more stuff like weapons to try and grenades.

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I spent a lot of time on here when gears 4 came defending the game, my attitude is very different for this one, they haven’t learnt any lessons at all.


I played it during the tech test and thought it had it’s ups and downs, definitely unique. I did notice a lot of people either picked someone that could get a gnasher or a sniper…depending on Cog or Swarm obliviously lol.

No real Gears fan cares about Horde? :joy:

Been a series staple since 2… thought you were 'a ‘07 veteran’ :joy::joy::joy:


You always know whats coming when you hear “Im a gears Vet” like they’ve knelt before a king in some dank castle somewhere and been knighted on the head and shoulders with excaliber.

We all got wings pal, your just another gamer moaning like f**k about stuff thats already been said a thousand times.

They are on it…chill the f**k out.


True! I am into Gears only for the horde, The other game modes gives me nothing. I dont even do the campaign.

He’s pointing out that the game began as a pvp game and this part of it will always be the its first mode. P vP on any game is the the main competitive section and although a lot of people play both modes of horde and versus its common knowledge that a lot of newbies and people who have not been playing the franchise from the start avoid versus and in particular ranked because of the skill level required. Anybody can play horde, little kids can play horde,girlfriends who don’t play video games can have a run on horde and weak players can have a good run on horde but you have to be decent to hold your own on ranked p vp. Obviously people care about horde but doing well at it means nothing in terms of saying you are skilled at gears. You are measured by you p v p ability not how many times you spammed campaign or how your horde team set up barriers and spammed 50 waves of horde…

Your teaching me to suck eggs fella - like i said we all got wings, we all played ranked and social, i was twice kills for deaths back in the day on MP so i know all about the skill required. Stating your are a Vet wont get you heard any quicker is my point.

Picking up your point on Horde - Of cousre anyone can play that mode, can everyone get to wave 50 on their own? Like f**k can they, your telling me no skill is involved in talking out countless enemies chasing you with very little ammo to play with? Come on think about what your writting before you press reply.

Look at the flood of people replying - dont make this too long :roll_eyes:

Haha I was pretty much answering what you said, Even a versus “pro” that’s never done any escape or horde will just be a liability to his team on his first try if he goes on higher difficulties, every modes have their learning curves. Versus might just be a bit longer to master.

I don’t disagree that versus multiplayer needs a lot of work, the sponging, lag etc are pretty terrible right now in my experience. But please don’t speak like you’re the voice of the entire community. I’ve been playing Gears since 2006 and I DO give a f*** about horde and arcade. Arcade is a lot of fun and a welcome and refreshing break from the constant reliance on the gnasher in the standard modes Gears offers. It’s also nice to have a mode where you can spawn your weapon of choice at your leisure and not have to race your team mates to the nearest power weapon spawn. It was so much fun to me that I played Arcade for the entire tech test.

Also, like some have said, please stop with the “veteran” crap.


I have no issues with the other modes I just prefer ranked because it feels more exhilarating when you get the win and move up a medal.

Ok. This is my first gears and I have been playing 2 weeks, play against people is hard but i, m learning and i enjoy all matches because I don,t care about ranking, and i enjoy more if I kill somebody of course but I like to run like a lizzard and hide from bullet , i don,t care, I like to play horde and escape, y liked the history Mode, i like this Game, so if you don,t like is not because skill required or Game issues ,is because you and your mind, the Game is great