Why Are There So Many Bad Players In Horde?

Do people not know how to play the game or just not care or they come from PVP TDM and think they will be pro at higher horde levels?

Last night was the WORST for ■■■■ players. Noobs kept jumping into Inconceivable + Masters games not leveled, knew nothing how to play as a team, pick a position, playing the character properly. Had a Kait with no bleed. Jesus Christ … Players that don’t reply to text or mic too. Just low quality players.

Gears 5 Horde Masters will make a pro out of you. Wall bouncing and gnasher spam will get you no where.

Please discuss.


I think a lot of it is people not knowing how it works and not having patience.


All I can offer to this discussion is that Gears 4 had a similar problem with new players not knowing anything about the mode thinking they could jump straight into Insane or Inconceivable without any prior, or very little, knowledge about how Horde worked. It rarely worked out well with people either quitting instantly, or just the newbs/noobs screwing things up by not listening and/or buying useless things and just not being very useful all around in 99.9% of cases. Often they ended up quitting when they got frustrated by their own stupidity getting them killed far away outside the base over and over. Like the AI bots in 5s Horde sometimes charge off into the middle of the map for no good reason and die because no one ain’t getting it all the way over there.


(No disrespect)Let’s hope the new/old horde frenzy can help the not so good players on horde,With experienced gamers.:wink:


Lack of a Tutorial can be to blame for this. remember when Gears of War 4 had them new Achievements for Horde, to try and teach players how to play their character/role. Well, i am sure that was meant to teach the masses how to play their characters/role.
It was in interesting idea, but too little too late. Unless you restrict the character to its role, people will play how they want to. Again, The Coalition is at fault. Nice one.

Personal opinion is that the modifiers aren’t expected or understood well at first. People play like it’s versus or campaign. First few waves of horde are fairly easy on any level as well.

Then bam. Two shot claw down across the map from an enemy they just dumped a full clip in. That’s why people complain particularly about the higher level difficulties. They haven’t made the necessary adjustments. It’s also a team game, and unfortunately, a lot of players don’t grasp that concept. Every mode is Rambo mode to them.


How can you tell they usually all quit before fabricator is grabbed.

Lack of teamwork, communication, and lack of understanding of the mechanics of Horde. Horde is a pretty deep experience and it actually takes a reasonable amount of learning. I do quite well at it and I wouldn’t claim to know everything, or even close to everything.


From my short experience, most people just get tired of the monotonous gameplay. Especially if they’re not playing someone like Kait or JD.
The higher difficulties are also very frustrating in my opinion with the ridiculously small room for error with some enemy types and the aimbot nature.

It’s too complicated for general audience especially people getting it on game pass, people new to the franchise, etc.

Gears 2 was the pure form and easiest to pick up.

Once they added all the bells and whistles, “optimal strategies” popped up and the simple “stay alive” objective was gone.

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Lack of Tutorial maybe, but there’s no tutorial to get pro at Street Fighter. People play, talk to others and learn. Gears of War is a team based game. Even in solo you have team mates. Horde is the best gameplay of Gears cause it’s about a team.

It’s not a great effort to reply back to a team with a yes or no. I find many horde players lazy. I’m thankful for the real Gears of War pro’s that know horde inside out I can jam with.

TC have wasted their time pandering to pvp moaners.
Horde Masters will make a pro out of a player.

I appreciate you. Many horde players are willing to carry and teach and play with new players who are willing to learn and work as a team.

  1. horde is not monotonous. it’s extremely detailed the layers of gameplay and stratergy involved not just with you as the character + your cards but with the horde itself. the wave adapts, and each one will become a challenge to play like a pro.

  2. “The higher difficulties are also very frustrating in my opinion with the ridiculously small room for error with some enemy types and the aimbot nature.”

This makes a real gears of war pro player.

I find this amusing. Every loser moaner has said Gears 5 is for the normies, for the casual players and yet they made the best horde ever. real skill. real time to sink into this and those complaining never took the time to learn it.


Enforcer-wielding enemies…yuck. Pop up from cover for half a second and you’re down if you are playing on Insane or above.

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Enforcer + claw does sick damage to you. On Masters they will strip away stims on 1 bullet.


This is why I think we need horde-only weapons and equipment. Maybe a return of the Boomshield or some kind of protective body armor that the engineer can repair.

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Exactly, most of my experience is letting the base shred enemies with players only contributing with overpowered bleed or explosive cards.

To each their own. I admittedly have not played a lot of horde since the first 2 months of launch but the optimal team comps and strategy took away a lot of the gun play - which is kind of the point of a shooter.

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Because ALL the PVP TDM moaners complained spam TC everyday crying, the weapons are massively unbalanced between all game types including Escape. So it now requires experience to know what does what now.

Yep. Destiny 2 does it well. The Division 1 did not when it launched.

There needs to be a balance between the sponge-level and your weapon strength and it seems like it was not considered. This is why I don’t play Escape higher than Beginner. They took the “weekly strikes” from Destiny 2 but apparently not the “still feel powerful” part.

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This thread is making me want to actually write the horde guide…


Agreed, Destiny has a decent balance between pathetically easy basic mobs and elite enemies where your weapons and abilities feel like they have impact.

Escape on master difficulty seems like a joke where the optimal strategy for most runs is to stand in the poison gas you’re supposed to be running from.