Why are there hidden skins for weapons?

I earned this from a supply drop a couple of days ago. The skin in the opposite of the “Chill” one from the Tour of Duty. Why is it hidden from the skin menu? I checked a few weapons, and none of them have this skin visible.

Shouldn’t they all have these skins visible? The skin is cool and all, but I find it funny how they just moved a couple of flowers on the barrel of the Boltok, and went from white, to black, and have it as a new skin.

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That’s innovation right there.


Remember the wood themed skins in Gears 4 which were all different but looked nearly the same in almost every regard? Yeah, this one example doesn’t even come close to that.


I wasn’t comparing to anything. And I thought the wooden camos were all the same lol :rofl:

I thought it was just appropriate to bring up that this isn’t a first for TC.

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Yea, they’re the experts of corner cutting.

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These skins look like ■■■■. Plain all white and all black would even be better than this.


They’re not hidden, that skin is just only available for the boltok. They added it to supply a few days ago.

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You can craft these I think with scrap

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Wow, both skins looks terrible. I don’t understand why TC has such a big problem designing skins… 1 of 15 they do are actually good or decent.


I seen an all white gnasher (and no it wasnt the chill one) in a game . An enemy had it and I thought it was a bug but I want it, after the "xbox " weapon skins came out in gow 4 I never changed them.

So, they made a skin only for the Boltok? lol

Yup, thats exactly what he’s saying. It was shown and announced in the What’s Up.

Wow. If they have the main concept down, just release the skin on all weapons.

From the sound of it I think your talking about the ice skins

I thought those were just red and blue depending on what side you got put on (swarm or cog)

I could be wrong about the name but it sounds like the skins you get when you buy the Gears Seagate harddrive or Gears console

Ah got it

You can notice the Boomer and the queen

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Just saw that. Wow lol.