Why are the ranked playlists so weak?

This isn’t meant to just be negative and **** on TC (although I could rant for many paragraphs). It’s an honest question. Why are the ranked game modes so weak? I was hoping for operation 6 we would at least get something new. At the very minimum can we at least just have guardian? The lack of ranked game modes really just makes PvP stale.

Why can’t we get something different than KOTH and TDM? Gears has so many great game modes to choose from.

And yes I understand many modes are in quickplay but as a more competitive player, I don’t want to play this. It usually just ends in stomping on noobs and bots.

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Sadly not enough people it’s just the way it is. Trying to consolidate everyone in one place instead of spreading them out.

Which is understandable sadly

Keep tdm and koth the two staples if they wish and alternate the rest

For example Instead of ffa and 2v2s have guardian and wingman this season for needed variety

I agree completely