Why are the lancers so overpowered?

Every match features people hiding and team lancering. The excitement is with the Gnasher. It’s ridiculous trying to get a decent shotty battle in now. You’re almost guaranteed to lose if you don’t get on board with it. The shotty battles and wall bouncing is what kept the people here who have been playing since Gears 1. Every new version of the game has made lancering so easy that it’s all people do. Why are there game modes without the shotgun but none without the lancer? Let the tough guys who love up close and personal action still be able to have it. It’s tougher to move around the map every new game that gears makes. Can we have a game mode like koth where there is no lancer? Let us still have that. I’m sure the people hiding came over from COD but this game used to be about up close and personal action. A ton of miss it and hope that when you create something new with this game that a huge portion of that would remain. There’s also really no advantage for killing multiple enemies as they respawn and get back to hill now before you can Capture it.


How about a Gears classic mode for koth where you slow the movement of the players back down to how we moved in Gears 2,3,4? Also decreasing the impact of the lancer to where you can actually run from cover to cover? And respawns where you don’t have to watch your back immediately? The matchmaking also doesn’t make sense. Why am I playing 90s for my 3rd match in not I and I was a 10?? ?


I agree! Turn the lancers down, take auto aim off and fix that he respawns. With the lancers being so strong we can’t move and get pinned down, with the way respawns are we get flanked almost immediately. Loyal gears fans play because of the excitement the shotty brings not this team lancer crap! Respect your loyal fans guys. Other than that the game is great!

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Because they are used properly.

Because this game needs to bring in new people and the quickest way to make them go running and screaming to call of duty is to have them get shotgunned in the face 30 times a match because no other gun is viable and they can’t use the gnasher properly yet.

Key word being “yet”. We all put in the time to be able to use the shotgun the way we do. Alienating the people who have worked that hard to Master the skill set is not the only way to bring in campers (new people). The new people haven’t invested in every version of Gears, the season passes or the game add-ons .

Except they’re new players who will probably stop playing when Call of Duty comes out anyways…

Ya, you and I know that. But Dev mentality is they have to at least TRY and maintain playerbase :slight_smile:

3 reasons:
mechanic change in Lancer (more consistent damage)
aim assist

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I just don’t think the way the decided to attempt to maintain it was very smart. If you change the core gameplay you’re just going to anger a large group of long time gears players. In the long run they may have less of a player base than 4.

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I’ve seen this argument way too many times. The outlook of “Casuals are probably going to leave, so they should just not cater to them at all and make the same game again with minimal changes and maintain the small niche”

That’s not a goal. Nobody invests millions of dollars to simply maintain what they already have (And the Gears community is rather small already compared to other big name games).

My thoughts. The Lancer is definitely more powerful this time around, but anybody acting like the Gnash is dead just needs to get better at the game. Ranged weapons this time around have changed the meta, but it’s not like shotty battles are a thing of the past.

“Why are the lancers so overpowered?”


To make little kids go home, and cry to their mommy!!! : )

Yea I’ve tested this out on private matches with friends on both games the lancer is stronger in gears 5 not just as a result of aim assist so we need to stop with that excuse.

With a full lancer non active clip in 4 you’ll put your enemy down with a hand full of bullets left in the clip let’s say roughly 5 or 6 and assuming you don’t stop shooting coupled with the half second delay when you cant finish off an opponent as they’re dropping to the floor you have to reload the clip as there wont be enough bullets to finish them off.

Gears 5 however with a non active clip you’ll have a quarter of the clip left which if you keep shooting coupled with the same half a second delay as a result of the falling animation still have more then enough bullets to finish off the enemy and still not have to reload. The lancer is stronger AND coupled with aim assist is awful. This doesn’t even account for the fact that the lancer in gears 5 counts head damage which makes it even worse.

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I’m also want to point out that there’s no spread or damage falloff depending on range. I do think it would be a wider spread the further the bullet travels also it should be weaker the further away the target is. It should be effective mid range only. Far away it should only act as a support weapon. For gnasher fights or to make enemies move from places.

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Lol you got a lot out of very little there.

I never said something shouldn’t be done to bring in casuals, Im just saying changing the tone of an entire franchise for the sake of casuals is pretty stupid. You might see an increase in sales for a while, but whats the hook? Most of these players are already loyal to another franchise. There isn’t any argument that can be made that says the tone of Gears five isn’t different because the proof is in the playing. It use to be really fast paced and mid to close range combat. Sure you still get that sometimes when you happen to be playing with people that want to play fast paced like that. Otherwise half the time the match timer gets to 50 seconds before all the re-spawns are gone.

Regardless though my biggest problem is camping. I don’t really blame the players for playing that way either. Why wouldn’t they? When you can get into positions that give eyes on most of the map and a rifle that has decent damage, great stopping power, and is pretty accurate. TC should have seen this coming. Gears 3 tried with the Sawed off, then 4 tried with the enforcer, and now not only do that still have the enforcer, but you don’t even need to play up close anymore. People complain about that new “gravity hammer” giving you a health buff, but if it didn’t it would be useless because you’d get lancered down before you could swing the thing.

I have said multiple times on this forum I don’t mind a Lancer with a bigger presence, but everything seems to be setup for the lancer camping play style right now and that has never Gears style of play.

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Lol congratulations for the most insightful post on the thread Bro. I’m sure you worked extremely hard to figure out what windows are the best to sit in. :laughing:

Because that’s how the devs want the game to be played, overpowered rifles, lots of camping.