Why are so many words censored on this forum?

This is an adult game right?

Currently censored words (gathered from this thread and spaced out to let the mods know which words we want uncensored)

  • A s s (this isn’t even a curse word… Seriously…)
  • D i c k (not a curse word and is actually a human name… Ever see D i c k Tracey?)

Can we get these lifted please mods? It’s a little extreme


Per Forum Guidelines: “While we are an M rated franchise, we do not allow swearing on the forums. This includes intentional misspelling of words, substituting punctuations or any other methods that reflect an otherwise banned word.”

This is open for discussion, but please keep it constructive… Because, I do get what you’re saying I do it’s a M rated game, but it’s not allowed on the Forum??

I totally get censoring the real curse words, the s’s and f’s etc. I just feel there are a lot of words that are not swears/curse words that are censored but shouldn’t be.

I’ve run into a lot more than the two I’ve posted, but can’t recall what they were at the present time.

Thanks for the feedback

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If I wouldn’t say it in front of a second-grader, I consider it a curse word.

A majority of the people that want to use censored words don’t even need to use them to get their point across.

I’m pretty used to censorship on forums so I don’t really care at all.

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It? Which word specifically?.

I’m in Europe, I guess we (Europeans) have different standards on various words :slight_smile:

I can’t say them, too many second-graders on the forums. :zipper_mouth_face:

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I mentioned this ages ago on previous forums.

Also now that we use our actual Xbox gamertags to sign in, shouldn’t it be able to check who is old enough be allowed in the forums to post etc…

I understand what your saying but I have always been in favor of the no bad language rule.

I don’t see how adding bad language to a conversation on the forum adds any value to it in any way.

I think there should be some leeway though, such as the word badass… is that censored?


“Bigger, badder, more badass” – wasn’t that literally the tag-line for GoW2?

EDIT: Well I guess it’s not, ignore me.

Also I believe it should be looked in the context as well rather than outright banning the them. If censored words used in negative and unconstructive way to get a point across then yeah in that situation those type of posts should eithout a doubt just be deleted. But in order cases, it should be permitted.


I understand what you’re saying. Unfortunately when things are left open like that then people ether abuse it or the way it’s used is wide open to interpretation. The way 1 person reads something is not necessarily the way another person does, if you get my meaning.

This reminds me of the time I discovered that the name of the English town Scunthorpe was blocked at work by the IT team. Then I noticed the naughty word it. :wink:

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What? You thought a Mature-rated game for mature players would allow mature language?

Humm. ■■■ and ■■■■. Something you wanna get off your chest?

I will approach this with TC and see how they feel about certain words being unfiltered, but to be honest and Zap makes a good point. How is using foul language to a conversation add value, and how people read something is not the way another person does, this could be taking in the wrong way and cause an uproar.

I do agree with the censoring in general, just those two words I brought up in particular aren’t even foul words.

I don’t know if they are considered as such in America, but at least here in the UK & Ireland, they’re not considered foul.

Thanks for bringing it up to the team :+1:

You can use many words to describe or talk about something, other words are just more blunt and to the point. What you might consider “foul”, others will not.

Anything these days it seems can be taking the wrong way, so your point is pretty mute.

I used the word ■■■■■■■ (g.o.d.d.a.m.n), not sure why that is censored…

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I’ll bring this discussion up with TC, and let them look into this.

Thanks for the feedback on this.

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Did make me think, they are probably blocking American words, but not British slang or words that are different. Like ■■■■ perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s actually one of the basic filter tests now that companies employ, if you can block proper uses of the C word but not block Scunthorpe.