Why Are Players To Chicken To Play Demo and Engineer?

There’s not much to expand. I mean any legit PVE player knows this. So that’s my question out there to the community. It’s a World War Z flood of awful players.

Why Are Players To Chicken To Play Demo and Engineer?

Those are fun characters, but they also bring a lot of responsibility with them, in getting a base up and being the prime bosskiller. Maybe that? With playing engineer there’s also the problem of randoms building stuff. I have tried to play engineer lately, but when playing with randoms there’s almost always some non engineer screwing the team by building instead of doing their job.

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Thanks Bob.

Those are good points.

  1. Team responsibility.
  2. Players bad habits not respecting roles.

I’m sorry people don’t respect you as engineer. Keep at it. it’s very rewarding building out a cool base and working to the needs of your team.

My demo is maxed out. If I’m not helping a friend beat a daily then I’m playing something that can benefit.
For me to play engineer then I need to know that other people aren’t going to build inferior defenses or worse move my skill boosted ones.
Why would you think somebody is afraid of playing an engineer out of their 18 possible choices?


I just prefer marksman, infiltrator, and nomad. Neither demolition nor engineer really appeal to me; I wouldn’t say that means I’m too chicken to play as them lol–it is just my preference.

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I dont find demo fun at all with having to run back to the locker every 3 boomshot rounds now…

If i feel like boomshot or frags tactician is way more fun. If i want dropshot, pilot is way more fun…

Demo… Powerful but boooooring…

I play mechanic with friends, no problem… With randoms, too many conflicting wants, people upgrade barriers, build sentries, etc… Nah…


I play both from time to time. There are many classes to choose from, and both are 3 out of 15. The other four I barely touch at all.

You have more chance of seeing Demo and Engineer if you bump into or regularly play with someone who is trying to level their cards for those classes. Or just loves playing them. I have seen some players who seemed to always be Demolitions or Mechanic.

As someone who has maxed all, I would play whatever is interesting to me for that particular Horde / Frenzy match. So it’s a matter of preference, what kind of experience I want and whatever I feel like using, based on team combination and maybe daily mod set.


Engineer gets boring and Demolition is to OP some players just quit because not getting enough kills… that’s why I don’t play much any of those classes :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Honestly because Demo is the most boring class I have come across. I do not count the promo classes because I never play them nor am I interested in playing them lol. I played it to get the cards and character levels to max and rarely, if ever, go back.

As for engineer I have no problem playing it in my own lobbies but its too much of a risk in someone elses lol. Gears of War 4 left me with an utter disdain for people who build fortifications while playing a non engineer class. I actually can not stand a non engineer class building fortifications while we have an engineer. Ugh even typing about it makes my blood boil lol.

Edit: I stay away from the engineer class because for some reason every time I move the fabricator the game decidedes to kick me out lol.

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only reason i wasnt playing demo for a long time was because i was leveling up other characters. I play that class 90% of the time for my horde challenges due to him being the most busted class in the game.

I like engineer a lot, however, if your team is awful it is awful to play as them.