Why are players like this?

The picture is not in English…

It was a match of execution, I eliminated the opposing player 3 times in a row, the first two in gnashes battles, the third was a sniper pop on checkout.

I’m Hispanic so I understand what he said, never came across him before, never said anything, didn’t even execute him, and he calls me a poor :poop:Mexican Indian…(Indian a negative connotation now)

I think this a one of the reasons why people say the Gears community is toxic, didn’t bother me but I seriously wanna know what causes someone to do this lol

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Hi mate. Fully agree but you will have to remove or blank the players name

As for why, because (some) players are salty,

I don’t see this topic stayin up for long (hint: it’s not in English and player name sharing).

Quoting the Simpson’s, some people are just Jerks.

Closing thread though as this kind of stuff should be reported (if you want to) rather than being put on the forums.

As moderators we don’t have the power to investigate what has happened between players in game so as a blanket rule none of it is allowed.