Why are players being penalized for unplayable matchmaking?

This is definitely NOT my first rant about this ongoing issue. Let me say for the most part I enjoy a good matchmaking multiplayer game. The ISSUE is when the game creates a match and it crashes throughout the duration of the entire match causing it to ice omen me out back into the title screen then offering me to re-join the match. I was diamond 1 now because of this ISSUE happening I not only get penalized for not being able to finish the match, but I’m also demoted back to onyx 2 and banned last night for 15 min. And again just moments ago for an hour! Re-joining a match that causes players to walk into walls and lag out isn’t a fix! And if I choose not to re-join the match I still get penalized? I dont QUIT matches!!! I shouldn’t be penalized for this games failed match making or other teams players lag switching to take advantage of the games broken easy access loop holes to cheat for wins! This is what you NEED to atten to TC NOT gnasher changes and store skins! You NEED to fix the games true issues that your players are getting ban penalties for simply trying to play your game!