Why are people who have a ping 50 higher than mine moving around twice as fast as me

Its not hard not hard to see other players moving around faster, they can jump and shoot at the same time they can shoot while in the middle of mantle, if this is some sort of lag compensation its not working, it ruins the game, every one shoild be moving the same speed,


Won’t let me send a gif :frowning:


I hate it when other players are faster, and their characters can fly, and shoot lasers. It’s just not fair.

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Ohh, man, don’t even get me staeted on going around the corner in ranked and running into someone in a Silverback!!


But seriously, one of guardian games couple of days, I was leading, looking at the map, making callouts, and I saw the enemy dots moving MUCH faster than my team’s dots were moving… But have been this ping advantage… :wink: