Why are people who are sliding into cover moving faster than people who are running, not only that they can shot a person where they are not standing and kill them

I’m just curious why this hasnt been fixed yet, its rediculous, I’m all down for wall bouncing but the way it’s made to be allows players to exploit it, people programming their controllers to wall bounce and cancel put in 3 inputs all in one button, its blatantly obvious to see the players doing this yet nothing is done about it at all whst so ever it’s always been an issue yet no one who makes this games gives a damn about fixing it or even banning players that mid there stuff, yall need to have a bit more respect for the products you mske, especially when they are considered a pro game, I’ll say it again its rediculous, a person can wall bounce and move what would take ten steps to get to and shoot there gun and get a kill where the target isnt at faster than just moving a quarter turn, and whsts with players having faster fire rates than others, I’ll be shooting some one we pull the trigger at the same time then we both shoot again as fast as the game will let me yet the other players bullets some how come out first and my shot usnt even allowed to come out of my gun, did any one with th coalition ever take a math class in their life ever? How hard is it before a game is released to put players of different pings in different parts of the nation against each other play some matches see where issues are then fix them, I have countless videos slowed down showing me shooting players and my shots not counting and other players shooting in the middle of a wall bounce and shooting where I’m not and getting a kill, and no. No one should just deal with it cause you are to lazy to repair what’s wrong, and no no one should just have to deal with moders/cheaters do something about it, you want people to take your game seriously then you should too, cause it’s a big joke right now, will I keep playing? Yes I will but since yall at Microsoft dont care to do anything about it when these issues accrue I’m just gonna do my best to make every one on my team and the othe team miserable the whole match I wont go fof objective, I’ll take power weapons and just hid from others, it’s the only way I can seem to get peoples attention that this game needs and has always need movement tuning, on a side not the weapon tunning is great in gears 5. And this engine is bad ■■■, but back to the other hand, you straight up lied about better servers, it’s worse than gears 4 and this game breaks apart anything over about 50 ping no matter if it’s me or another player any one over 50 ping maybe 60 ping tops and the game breaks.

how are they putting all that in to 1 button? I do it the 3 step way slide, cancle, turn and repeat.


Wow. Just. Wow.

Someone needs to learn how to use paragraphs.

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