Why are people so toxic in 4 stacks?

I’m not trying to to complain, I understand toxicity to an extent is necessary and fun in video games but in Gears 5 people take it to an extreme. I don’t understand why most of the 4 or 3 stacks I go against with randoms in control always act like they’re pro players.

They all taunt you after a kill or constantly harass you in global chat. I don’t mind it at all tbh and I’m not upset or mad, I just wanna know why they feel the need to be so rude or annoying in a video game.

I understand it’s ranked and you’re suppose to sweat and be competitive but why leave the hill on 299 just to farm us for no reason.


Every videogame in existence can be toxic. I think it’s such a silly thing to ask because people are just toxic sometimes.

@TC_Clown is very toxic. Pls report him for this issue and for hacking.



Something a lot of people don’t understand is that TC is literally giving you the tools to be more toxic with emotes, voice lines, bloodsprays and marks. Obviously every game will have toxic players but TC makes this crap way too easy for them.

It’s such a double standard to want a safe environment for the game then bring out middle finger emotes lmao


Meanwhile, text chat was broken for specific users to “promote that safe playing environment”. Honestly, when that announcement was made, I felt bad for whichever CM it was who posted it here.

Done and DONE.

Also to OP when you get in a 4-3 stack with 2 or 3 buddies who are better than you and you can get ur ■■■ caried you get to feel real good thinking you are a pro player when in reality you are actually a bot trash can when it comes to 1v1’'s and cry when you get match up against a full PC stack lol. Toxcity is normal but i agree in gears 5 it takes the case especially when this game is so bad and you can’t display your true skill through walbouncing and working shots when that skillgap has been reduced to the point it’s useless, so for actual good gears players who have trained for years it becomes worthless, its a joke really but who takes this game seriously anyways it’s a meme joke at this point XD even TC added the 83% bloodspray as a meme.

Most of the time these toxic stacked players get stomped on when vsing another stacked team, so when they finally win a game against worse players or solo queues they feel so proud because that is all they can win. im in a few discords where i actually know REALLY GOOD players who are better than some pros. Those guys have a 11/10 win ratio.


Its TC, what do you expect?

Whose crying about this anyways

No clue. Look at what @AmicableWall421 referenced . There was a literal change to the game that force disabled text chat to keep players at ease when coming to the game because TC knows they have awful fanbase. That statement “It’s just a game” or calling people “snowflakes” doesn’t sit well with the current leads of the game.

Can say whatever you want but this culture exist lol.


It is what it is :pensive:

Theyre toxic because they are winning. Ez as that. It doesnt even matter if the winning team is negative to an extent, theyre winning.

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I would add to what @Loner_Shaq said, they are also adolescent malcontents with no idea how to function in society. Vidiots!

Long Live Guardian!!


Kyle, you literally typed “k*s” in the chat today

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David, he tbagged :pleading_face:

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Or middle finger blood sprays and marks :laughing:

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I played 2v2 for a daily I had yesterday and I was against some 2 stack. My solo teammate bagged I think so they started bagging back. Funny thing was at the end of the match the dog ■■■■ one was the one talking ■■■■ and bagging when they had like a .5 kd and their teammate had like 25k damage done and 24 kills I think and he didn’t say ■■■■ in chat.

They need to be in a stack to inflate their ego. The reason I dropped Control was that if a 4 stack wants to whoop your ■■■ you might still be there for a good 6-10 minutes, and that’s assuming they don’t 299 the hill, whereas on guardian they can’t ■■■■ about as much as if you bum rush their leader (when you’re last alive) they have to either down you for like 20 seconds max or kill you so they don’t risk losing the 5v1. I couldn’t handle control because people just gave free power weapons and didn’t attempt to rotate on top of the potentially very long match time.

Why are people so toxic in 4 stacks? It’s simple … because they can. There’s literally nothing to stop them from doing it.

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Except hero hackers.

Console players can stack too you know?

You’re only 1/2 a console player, and I only like to play with 100% console players. Also you hack, but only when you are in a squad?

Fix your game and stop letting stacks ruin it since that’s all they doo

Much love:)

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