Why are people asking if Op6 is the LAST operation?

I mean seriously, I am seeing a stupid amount of people act like Operation 6 will be the last operation and be a setup for Gears 6 but how in the actual F*** can people even be led to that belief? What in the world in all that is holy makes them think that Gears 6 is 4 months away?

Am I going nuts here? I mean, if Gears 6 was that close wouldn’t they announce it by now? Also even if that was true they would have to deliver literally EVERYTHING that we have been asking for… at least for the most part. I mean, if not I would be FURIOUS in my opinion. That would out rageous. This game has barely anything in terms of locust and even human characters when you look at the entire roster…

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No one said that. People just wanna know if TC is gonna drop support that soon already or if we still get “content” for a few more months.


I believe TC said that they were changing the way operations work, which has led people to believe that the large content influxes are ending.

That and their Versus restructuring with OP5 seemed to indicate a smaller playerbase, which in turn would make one assume they were shifting focus to the next game.

It’s all speculation. I just want to know what OP6 is.

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Well let’s face it, the Locust are running out of characters now as we nearly have them all.

We’re still obviously missing the Savage Locust but that’s mainly it for them, unless TC decide to add new Drone variants like Grappler and Trokia Gunner etc.

There’s Ukkon, Disciple and Zealot to add left from Tactics as well

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I wouldn’t say running out of characters, the full rosters of characters in gears of war is absolutely massive.

Still a fair few ‘main’ characters missing too.

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You’re assuming that TC will launch Gears 6 at the end of operation 6.

You are also assuming that TC are maintaining their current operation model, they may make Op6 permanent with a few little tweaks to the ToD and medals. Most of the framework for them to do that is in place.

But Dana said on a Dev stream about a month ago that they are done doing major changes to PvP tuning. The release of Op5 gave me the impression that TC are done with Horde and Escape (for the most part). TC are in the process of putting Gears 5 into cruise control, and in 2 weeks we will see what they are going to do to achieve that.

I wouldn’t be expecting more maps, features or content after this operation to be honest.


Running out of locust ?

Spotter, Miner, Grenadier Hunter, Savage Kantus, Savage Grenadier, Savage Drone, Savage Grenadier Elite, Armored Kantus, Theron Sentinel, Troika Gunner, Gears of War 4 varients of swarm.


Hoffmann, Barrick, Sofia, Valera, Jace, Presscot, Loomis, Alex Brand, V-Day Gear, E-Day Gear, Medic, Jinn as human

And all the era dependant varients of exaisting characters

Also, I would the abiltiy to change the model of lancer I use. I mean the Gears of War 2 and 3 lancer is already in campaign and a Custom Lancer skin from 4 would be cool aswell

For weapons, Breechshot FTW and lets get the Booshka party started, also a classic hammerburst skin would be nice they basicly function the exact same or a Cleaver skin for the Breaker?

Locust Lambent and Savage Horde forfk sake lol

It took em 12 Years to add bolter into multiplayer and 7 years for Karn to make an appearance aswell

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Almost rolled my eyes over the “we barely have characters” part. Enough with the cosmetics! All that and it leads up to “more character skins.”

Can we stop with the skins and get some decent content?

Modes that aren’t just KOTH. New maps. Revert or change the god awful tuning.


actually plenty of people said that. The “People” you are referring to are people that you know of or TC themselves. You are completely mistaken who I am talking about xD. I am just hearing random people mention it and quite a few. It is why I brought it up. If nobody was saying anything like that, Why would I make this post?


In terms of the default skin, every Locust you mentioned is already in the game. It’s simply up to TC if they want to add different variations into the store, like the Troika Drone for example. They dont need an entire Operation to do that. This was the point he was making, that aside from Savage variants, theres barely any after that, if any actually. We already have the drone, grenadier, theron, Lambent, Kantus, and all the Swarm variants too.

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^^^ This ^^^

They are of characters, but not skins. Spotter, Miner are skins for the Locust drone which will be in say the Op 6 Tour of Duty. Locust Hunter will be a skin for the Grenadier and Theron Sentinel will be also a skin for the Theron/Palace Guard. I guess the Savage will be given their own Character slots, but in terms of Characters like Skorge, RAAM, Karn etc, there’s nobody really left besides Ukkon.

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because the writing has been on the wall for a bit now. no more classes, map builder was axed, no new modes last OP, tiles are axed.

just because Operations might come to an end doesn’t mean content will go away. we’ll still see Skins for a long time and maps for a bit.

nobody should come to this conclusion.

there isn’t some rule written in stone that says once Operations end the next game HAS to be announced

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Would be sad if this is actually the last operation, considering that every operation has been pretty underwhelming.

Can I ask for skins after that?

Absolutely my friend. Those things should be the icing. Not the cake itself.

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Before your tuning request could I please get a playable online experience? I have a strong feeling a good amount of the people who are upset with the current movement would be more accepting of it if we could actually play the game fairly…like the majority of other shooters.

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Then skins?


Then skins.


Sorry my bad didnt know were talking about indiviual characters for Arcade, since thats a mode i rather not think about.

But yeah i guess you are right, then I do honestly think a Flame Grenadier and Normal grenadier sound way diffrent