Why are horde fornications overpriced


When I go on the fornifications menu on horde mode. The barriers start from 19000, it’s impossible to build a fornification barrier until level 5-6?

Cannot build sentry as they start from 44000?


It’s a special event. It’s a mutator.


Fornications… Hehehehe
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Do people not look at the mutators?


Are you talking about the player base or TC? Because I’m quite tired of no fortifications and no ultimates combined and also no explosive and no bleed combined. Actually making the game less fun for me


The playr base. I mean, the answer to their question is right there.

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I knew what u meant but I’ve had similar people in my game want to buy barriers for 20K. I don’t know the situation for the OP but when click on custom lobbies it isn’t well identified if you are playing the daily map or not. Maybe it could be colored different but I’m sure that wouldn’t help people either

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I was playing with randoms during one of the 90% less bleed and 90% less explosion days… had 2 JD’s and Keegan. Lol.

In players defense though…sometimes when you join a random Frenzy (non daily) it does put you in the map for the event. But still… funny.

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I am already sick and tired of people not looking at mutators before joining a lobby. I tried to set one up today specifically asking for Marksmen and Nomads because of the double headshot damage. I got a brawler and a tactician who both then left as we waited for 2 more.

Then when I joined someone else’s lobby they had switched off double headshot damage - the only helpful mutator - for no reason other than I imagine stupidity. Oh well.


Maybe they were from the nerf monger crowd and actually wanted to have zero enjoyment from playing


No. Two people did the exact same thing with the same mutator on Harbor earlier this week.

They chose Mechanic, came in, went to the fabricator, saw the price of the fortifications, and left 15 seconds later.

Always presume your teammates are the dumbest people on earth until they prove otherwise.

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On the plus side I eventually got into a cracking game with 2 jacks, a nomad and a tactician and we bossed it. Having a jack on each side out of spawn to keep the other 3 of us up and stocked with ammo was brilliant fun.

The other thing I am seeing a lot of lately is level 1-2 classes trying to join inconceivable lobbies. I assume they are there because they want the extra cards, but come on. We aren’t here to carry you up through the ranks. Go and speed run Surge on insane to at least get the to level 10. Then play on Advanced. Save Incon for your your level 4-5-6 card classes.

Yeah, I’ve seen it too. If I’m host I require 16 or I kick. I’m not there to carry you even though 16 is low considering the game has been out for a year and they have had double character XP weekends with boost which was quad XP

It isn’t even just about cards. It is having game sense and understanding how the class is played

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Yep. Although, as you say, you can get to level 16 so easily on a 6xp weekend. I got 5 characters up from level 1 that weekend. But they were all only level 1-3 cards. It gives a false impression of someone’s skill, and skill card level. But then as there is no way to see what cards players are using, the level is really all we have to go on. I wonder how long it will be before lobbies start demanding Lvl 20 only…

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Like, tons and tons of 1s and 2s…and many ones who haven’t reupped at all.

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There’s a lot of fornications taking place in game on a daily basis.


I like fornications!


Horde fornications have always been way overpriced. This is why I stick to solo runs.


I hate when randoms get involved in my fornications.


Randoms are a shot in the dark. Sometimes you get good randoms. Sometimes you get bad ones.