Why are games banned or censored

Or any fictional settings for that matter? What’s the point of a rating system if it’s fine to shoot zombies but if they looked like actual people or puppies with the same gameplay they would ban it. Or if they legally could i bet
almost every single game would try to sell nude dlc because we are a ■■■■■■ up species and I bet a lot of people would buy it. Like why are adults only games banned if they bothered to make the rating in the first place? Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is that as long as it remains in a fictional setting absolutely nothing should be off limits. That’s why we have rating systems. As long as it helps one person smile and get through a day why should anyone else care.


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But I’m curious, what game(s) do you have in mind?

Alot of the time it’s due to the country. I remember that the Fallout series have had to make a number of regional changes. For example Bethesda had to remove the irradiated cow from Fallout games in the Indian release because cows are considered to be a holy animal. And I think in Japan the Big Boy and Fat Man nuke weapons were renamed (I think) for obvious reasons.

Secondly, age restrictions for video games work in a similar way to film and there are policies. There is a ratings board which is applied to games and games can be changed and censored accordingly just as films can be edited before release. Similarly some films receive different cuts depending on region.

And fictional settings in games are irrelevant. Films whose stories are fictional often include a warning along the lines of “all events and charactersa are fictional and any resemblence is entirely coincidental” etc etc but are still subject to the same rules and policies. It’s about the content, not whether it’s fiction/non-fiction. Plus despite it being fictional, alot of things are based on real world things. I vaguely remember the COD series being accused of presenting the Middle East and Russia in a negative light despite it being a work of fiction. Writers and developers still have a responsibility.

Also the whole ban/censorship thing is more complicated than you make out. There are pressure groups who would be up in arms if content in video games ever “crossed the line”. You’ve seen before outraged parents rant about video games, heavy metal, rap music etc corrupting youth etc. The ESRB ratings board for video games was set up as an opportunity for the industry to police itself, or the government (namely Congress in the US back in the 1990s) would do it for them. The games industry obviously opted to do it themselves and to date the same principles apply with PEGI. Nude DLC is just pointless, tasteless and very pathetic. It would also kick up an unnecessary ruckus for the gaming industry. Plus retailers can also refuse to stock games (sometimes due to pressure from outraged parties) which they deem to be offensive etc which would affect sales.

If you’re interested in learning more about the origins of the ESRB, I’d suggest this video:

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By coincidence I came across this What Culture video on delisted games:

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It depends on the country, politics, religious beliefs etc. I agree that there is a weird standard in which any erotic content is considered “too taboo” to sell in stores but those same stores sell video games, movies and books that are rife with graphic depictions of violence like disembowelment, decapitations, etc.

To clarify, I obviously don’t have any issue with this kind of entertainment (we are on the gears forums afterall) but it seems we’re inadvertently telling children that something natural like sex is more morally reprehensible than beating a guy to death with his own arm.


They are

“No Russian” also received some backlash, the mission itself is important to the campaign but it’s a really gruesome mission. The MW2 remaster allows you to skip the mission and gives you a warning at the very beginning about the mission. Another thing too is that in the MW 2019 campaign, theres a certain mission that mimics a real thing that happened during the Iraq War. I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting but cod has plenty of situations like that.

Fiction is banned to limit exposure to specific lines of thought, thus limiting critical thinking in general. When media like books or films are banned, it’s rarely due to graphic content; in reality, it’s to keep people from seeing a certain perspective or thinking a certain way (anti-capitalism, anti-racism, whatever upsets the status quo at the time).

Videogames are rarely seen as art in the same way those media are, so for them, it’s usually just that country’s rules on graphic violence or nudity/sex. Games are still usually seen by older lawmakers as specifically things for children, and are handled as such.

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I remember coming across a funny quote: “When the left want to ban something it’s because it’s offensive. When the right want to ban something it’s because it’s obscene.”

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Leisure suit larry probably