Why are fire voice lines so rare in Horde?

When I do a Scorcher build in Horde, I can literally go waves 1-12 using only the Scorcher the entire time and hear just one or two voice lines for killing an enemy with fire. It’s especially noticeable with Ben, whose fire voice lines are so wild. What’s going on? Why are they so rare to hear?

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I guess it’s the same with bosses otherwise they’d be spammed to much.

PS: Jd has a fun helicopter line for Sentinels, Baird one for marking a Matriarch calling her “Mom?”, Mac a long line also for marking a Matriarch, Lizzie a bunch of funny ones for Wardens etc.

They’re rare in general.

Then again, so are Cryo voice lines.

Which one would that be? Haven’t heard anything helicopter related other than in regards to the Kestrel where I found JD’s “Waste of a perfectly good Kestrel” line amusing.

Anyway, Scorcher lines are not the most frequent, but I’ve had them trigger more frequently than what you say. If they would happen too often they probably wouldn’t be too great to listen to, unless you want to hear Lizzie often make bad “on fire” puns or laughing like a maniac by burning an enemy.

Paduk says something about them being burnt to a crisp, just how he likes his steak.

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I mean, it’s not often you get to even use a flamethrower, especially in PvP. It’s real annoying when you start a private game to look for these lines only to have the character say the normal.stuff.

Surely it’s just down to the scorcher being a late addition to the game and it not being worth the while to get the voice actors all back in to record new lines? Think the only other fire weapon is the incendiary grenades which are bollocks anyway!

That’s not it. Almost every character has Scorcher lines, they’re just unnecessarily rare. They weren’t this rare when the Scorcher dropped.

He imitates a helicopter/plane that’s crashing.

EDIT: Correction, it’s Claytons

But this one from JD is also pretty nice


Never heard either one of those.

Edit: I should have looked at the dates on the videos. I wonder how long those lines have been in the game? Seems like they add voice lines at random times.

Edit # 2

Seems they’ve been in the game for quite a while.

They’ve been in there since their release.

JD’s line is similar to Baird’s “Sentinel, Sent To Hell”

Another one of Paduk’s is “I know it’s hot but it’s a dry heat”

They’re supposed to be Easter eggs

So why are chainsaw quotes so common? Why is headsbot dialogue common? We can hear those voice lines just fine, let us hear the Scorcher lines. We have to pick it up for PvP and have a giant target on our backs. Let us hear those fire voice lines.

Other funnier lines are rare like when paduk says “I’ve always wanted to kick Baird’s balls” when he kicks a tracker is rare and when a Deebee says “your ■■■ is grass” entertaining lines like those are rare just like the scorcher voice lines.

Rare lines are one thing. But to completely hide away voice lines is another.

Ok, I see ur point