Why are cooldowns and wallbouncing in the games. PICK ONE

So I love wallbouncing. Love pushing and being aggressive outplaying people by bouncing around and twitch shooting around corners. Coming out of a run or bounce and blast someone with a blindfire. But nope. It’s still possible but it’s just crazy how you have to “wait a second” to do another action. If I have the ability and response time to be able to do it why can’t I? It’s not unfair and it’s been a part of the game the last 3 that came out besides UE. So either there should not be a cool down. Or there should not be wallbouncing. Just makes it VERY VERY frustrating. Any one else feel this way?

Is there a chance either of these will change in the next expansion? @TC_Octus @anon86589457

I don’t really complain about movement mechanics much, neither Versus problems. But I do wallbounce sometimes, and hipfire. You got that word wrong, it’s actually hipfire when you’re standing and fire without aiming. Blindfire is shooting around wall or piece of cover, without aiming. I don’t really mind delays much neither does it bother me because I can still fire during wallbouncing. If I can’t do it, other players can’t do it either. Why not have both fewer/shorter or no delays and wallboucning?

I’m asking for remove cooldowns “delays” completely so wallbouncing is more fluid. Or just get rid of wallbouncing. It’s almost a death trap right now. And I know the difference between blind fire and hipfire but 90% of the people in gears call it a blindfire so just easy to go with it than “correct” a ton of people

In that case, people could have been hyper bouncing.
I’m sure you might be familiar with that term or that form of wallbouncing, which seems really more broken than normal…
Wallbouncing can’t really be removed unless they get rid of taking covers in the first place, remember it was a glitch from Gears 2 which has become acceptable and common now.
It might not count for other people, but I’m pretty precise with what these words mean.
The first thing that came across my mind was that you might be referring to shooting around covers without aiming, then thought… eh, that doesn’t sound right.

Yes, but any form of bouncing still takes skill and timing, with good aim for it to be liable at all in any higher end gameplay. In its current state it’s useable sure. But a lot of times you almost feels like you get punished for using it. I’f someone is capable of zooming through the map at lighting speed and land there shots more power to them. They didn’t learn it over night.

Edit : I’m just saying why give us the ability to do something. But dampen it and make it almost useless. Just make a game with movement of gears 1/ue if you don’t want people to fully utilize it

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I think they do want to encourage and allow people to wallbounce, but completely prevent hyper bouncing. During KOTH event, they had a little description mentioning wallbouncing and officially by TC. So I thought they supported and wanted to encourage that play style during the event. I don’t really see how it is punishing, unless getting destroyed by other players while trying to wallbounce yourself. We try to wallbounce which is a glitch, but there’s a limit to how far we can use it.

It was initially a glitch but it no longer is. It can’t really be considered one seeing how they kept carrying it over to the next games. And like I side even when people could hyperbounce how many actually did it and where lethal? Not very many.

Even so, there’s players who also complain about poor hit detection where pings are moderate to high in lobbies. Say 100+ m/s ping, or someone’s ping was fluctuating. If they attempted to hyper bounce or it was a Ranked match, it could be pretty broken and seemingly invincible, lol.

That is a whole other topic it self. The poor lag compensation shouldn’t change mechanics. Maybe the lag compensation system should be looked at

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Because the devs are incompetent