Why are bronze players being matched with diamond/masters?

Im currently diamond 3 and i play with a friend whos diamond 2 and we are constantly placed with 1-2 bronze players which results in them quitting. This forces us to get sweaty so we dont get steamrolled and lose a ■■■■ ton of rank. Why is this still happening so long after launch? Is there any evidence of tc working on this?


Maybe the matchmaking system assemble a team based only on combined skill score of players, regardless of ranks?
On other smaller population multiplayer games where perfectly fair matchmaking isn’t possible without ridiculous queue time, it makes sense. But there are still a lot of people play gears 5, right? right?

Yeah, RIGHT guys? Guys?


I don’t even play ranked and I know that’s ■■■■■■ up!

The most likely and simple answer is low player count in the modes/all modes! you are playing.

It is frustrating both ways, I’m usually gold and have had occasions where a Master player has wrecked my team of Gold/Silver even Bronze .

Then sends the "your sh** message of course. Disheartening as if course it is a non contest, no one wins in that situation.

Unfortunately I do not see it changing, we may get a few more players with each new op but we have probably maxed out for 5.

player population. you can’t play against all masters if they simply aren’t there to begin with.

a solution? increased Matchmaking times. If you’re willing to wait longer for those matches then petition TC

We’ve been asking that since launch bro
There’s not enough players to have a balanced ranked game
You will either get the sweaty neets or the guys that downloaded the game 2 hours ago in your team

Ranking is not based on skill point or something… Its just based on weird connection…

I am not a diamond or master, but I have to agree. It isn’t fair to those of us that are not that caliber of player. There is no room to grow when you get killed 3 seconds after spawning and cost your team everything. It’s frustrating and is ruining the experience for both pro’s, beginners and those of us in between.

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I don’t disagree but it is highly unlikely to change, as it tends to be based on the player base, which is probably not that great.

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