Why are bots better than players?

I don’t see the appeal in getting aim-botted every single time you try to run somewhere. You can give a bot the toysoldier treatment and still get aimbotted down by a lancer. Bots shouldn’t be all my deaths in a quickplay match

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Hard to tell if this post was sarcastic or not…

Bots are slow as hell and dumb lol. They’re not at all difficult. They can’t even dodge shots and often don’t shoot in the most obvious situations.
This is the first time ever I’ve seen someone say the bots are too tough.

are we playing the same game? i’m talking about gears 5


You’ve pretty much answered your own question but I’d take issue with the term ‘better’. They’re not better but they are more consistent. They’re aimbots! They don’t miss and are deadly accurate, far more accurate than a human. On the downside they’re dumb as a doorpost and highly predictable in terms of their movements. Their accuracy is one of the reason their lancer fire is so deadly.

So it’s just a question of understanding their strengths and weaknesses and using it to your advantage.

Bots in OSOK are tough for sure but I dont know if I share the same sentiment for normal quickplay bots.

Quickplay bots are annoying but not better than players. They beam you with Lancer with auto lock-on and if you get too close with Gnasher and miss you’ll immediately get punished for it unlike some players that could miss.

You struggle to beat quick play bots? is that right? whenever i quit a match for no reason or get disconnected i go straight to co-op vs AI to deal with my 5 game ban. Literally drop 30-50 kill games against bots and it’s mad boring to play against bots. They are slow and can’t do shi. So if you are getting dogged on by bots in this game i really do feel bad for you. My only suggestion, learn some bouncing with your shotty, Hit your shots. No reason to be lancering or pistoling in a bot match in quick play.

Maybe this was the guy on my team who went 1-20 in Control awhile back? With like 4k damage for the entire match.