Why are Anya and Sam so tall?

Sam and Anya feel like they’re 6’5. Is it because of their character model or have they always been that tall? Mac is probably the only other tall character but he was that height at launch. I never remembered Anya or Sam being this tall in gears of war 3. Just wondering.

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If you’re making the comparison in PVP mode, it’s because they would have adjusted the character’s size so that aesthetically they’re closer in height and build so that they can all have the same hitbox.


Yea, I noticed in PvP they adjusted animations and hitboxes to make everyone basically the same and balanced. But when playing escape or horde I’m looking over other characters heads with these two. If they’re naturally just tall characters like Mac is then I understand but I never remembered them being so tall but I can be wrong. Like use them in PvE if you havent already and you will see a they are slightly taller than Marcus and other characters alike. Not a problem I was just genuinely wondering. And thanks for your input.

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They maybe taller since in gears 3 they seem so much smaller

Everybody played female back then,smaller means harder to hit and you can see more screen .

Because they are Goddesses, especially Sam.


I was next to a Lahni in Horde, whilst playing as Sam. The height difference is slightly hilarious.
They need to be slightly shorter…
Also, some of Sam’s voice lines seem to be missing from 4. It’s unrelated, but she’s using a lot of generic terms for things.

If I ever come up on the lottery, I’m going to offer Claudia Black and Caroline Seymour obscene money to record thousands of lines of dialogue and then pay TC to put them in the game :wink::+1:


Get a kick starter going.
Anya has new lines, she says things to Dom Marcus in Horde.
Sam should do similar with Baird.


Yea Sam’s and Doms voicelines in general are not up to par with most others in my opinion and it’s very disappointing. It feels like every Sam escape line I’ve heard has been re used in some other way or form

They are at least 85% reused for other things, yeah.
Planting the venom bomb is just a typical grenade plant line.
If they want to be lazy like that, pull more lines from gears 3 and 4 for her.
Calling a Matriarch a berserker like Dizzy does for instance.

On the original topic I’ve mentioned Anya being too tall in another thread. They’re both bigger than Marcus.


While we’re at it a couple skin variants would help . I refuse to pay $20 for v day Sam and can’t stand granny Sam. One of my favorites to use gears 3 and 4 now it’s like she’s another person . Marcus cole and Baird look the same albeit aged she looks horrible.

So Sam is the female form of Paduk!? Both are now look horribly ugly!!

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At least he’s supposed to be ugly with scars lol

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But… But… Major Paduk is sooooo sexy! :heart_eyes:
Old Man Paduk is sooooo ugly! :nauseated_face:

So, yeah.
Sam and Anya are way too big.
Was just stood next to a Baird, Marcus and Lahni as Sam.
She dwarves Lahni because she’s really small (Lahni that is) but she’s a lot taller than the other two too. Anya has the same issue.
They need to be scaled down a few %.

I also noticed that Anya has hands the same size if not bigger than Bairds or Cole. I find it odd.lol

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That’s pretty generous tbh, I’d say it’s closer to 100% Reused lol.

As for the height they probably cut and paste the skin onto Mac which is why his Face changed :laughing:

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I noticed that Anyas super tall for some reason also. Shes always been described as small and petite so I’m not sure why shes 6 feet tall but if you guys are comparing heights when standing and not taking cover you’re wasting time. Female characters stand straighter and the males are hunched over. I tested it out and in cover Anyas slightly smaller than Marcus but obviously standing she’s taller. Even the slightly smaller characters like Sarah Connor and Kait are taller than the male characters when standing.

I also noticed Sam looks taller compared to the other characters. Even taller than the playable DR-1, which by the way, is just as small Lahni. I couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of those two standing next to each other. Anyway, I’m just glad she’s finally playable for horde again. Even if it took a year for it to happen…

It would be cool to see more skins of her V-Day variant though. Hivebuster Sam as an example. We have Hivebuster Baird and Cole. Both of which are younger versions of themselves even though they aren’t considered hivebusters in the main story. Last but not least, I’m curious to know what Chrome Steel Sam would look like. Maybe someday we’ll find out.