Why are 5 stacks in quickplay now?

ive been seeing 5 stacks in quickplay and its a complete sweat fest its ruining the fun whats the point of ranked then? literally i see people doing callouts i think it should revert to 2 stacks only but thats my opinion whats yours?

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5? A month ago the limit was 3.

I run solo and i always get stuck playing stacks.

it says 1 to 5 it used to be 1 to 2 check it

Quickplay is a sweat fest . Almost no difference with playing Ranked.

I’m guessing the change was made for the following reasons

It’s advertised as a TEAM game but since the player base has always been in abit of a nose dive these stacks are facing longer and longer que times.

These stacks make up a larger portion of the players who choose to remain.

If they can’t hop on an spend more time playing together than staring at that less than 1min msg for 20+ mins they’re gona leave too.

TC/MS don’t wana keep hearing how ppl can’t find games, quickplay is acceptable to many stacks that choose the joy of playing gears with their buddies over playing with a broken ranking system not worth waiting for.

Is grouping up with some mates, spending 2hrs together and barely getting a game or 2 acceptable?