Why am i suspended? I just left the lobby

I was playing normaly in TDM and wen i left the the lobby to go do something and came back to load a match again i get suspended why??

I think that once you are in a lobby, voting on a map, that counts as being in the game. = quitting.

You need to pull out of matchmaking before that …

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And how can i know how long is suspension? Ive seen in videos in YT that it show wen it ells u the suspension message bot mine just say that one of the members of the squad got suspended and to try again bot im playing alone tho

One of the few actually legitimate bans lol

Wait ur jk right? If not then how can i contact the devs? To apologise to lift then ban then cuz i was trying to get medicen and gettin ban like that is unfair :frowning:

Nah man it’s no big deal. You just can’t leave once a lobby is made.
You should be able to play in 15-30 minutes. Nothing permanent

Man ur scared me i tho it was permanent :sob:

Nope. Pretty much everyone here has gotten a ban multiple times :wink:


Not me

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Gee Tony, how have you managed such a feat?:thinking:

My 750mbps is top notch and I don’t lose connection because I like to pay a few thousand dollars to keep it that way

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My Gigabit is top notch too and I never lose connection. Well, except once I got banned because someone on the other team quit and dissolved the lobby so I got a suspension. :joy:

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