Why am i still facing masters and have teams of onyx

Why is this still a thing in ranked koth matchmaking?

Because there’s like 27 people still playing this game, so I’d imagine it’s a little tough to match up with players that are the exact same rank as you.


Thats pretty sad considering i drop to onyx 3 an the updates been out awhile

Match making is 2 ranks up from higest rank on your team. I am sure your not worried about this when you are matched with silvers or Bronze…

can you imagine how unfair it is for them?

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This whole game is messed up

I Barely see silver or bronze “”“solo”""" players in my matches …
Real even teams let me tell you :expressionless:
i shouldnt face ranks of masters if ive never achieved it myself since launch (stuck in silver op1)
Reach D3 500 pts left to go
game starts workin op 2 … Tc logic hey lets make it (0points for losing 1 outve 3 )
even tho he won the match single handedly but shouldnt have gave up a round) foh. Trust me the enemy is always favored …
Atleast the" individual"old rank system before 0pts was a thing …you can rank up not rely on team trash which is the case every match

an would ya look at that…
i have a fkn bronze on my team doin better than onyx !
whats your logic to back that up?

Since the highest rank and lowest in the match is onyx how tf is he in here then?



So if the Onxy teammates had a hard time how bad was it for the bronze. yeah they did a lil better but not significant. He lost more than you trust me.

when TC launch op4 the indidcated that you would never play hire than one rank up from yours. Now if you had a friend and stacked and they where higher than you that would change, but solo thats was a fundamental concept. this was beta. Then the re launched changes to Ranked and said it will be no more than 2 ranks from the highest rank. since you had t stacks of onxy on your team your where very sure to get one a stack and a higher stack. that bronze got placed cause we was stacking with Onxy3.

I also think that the solo bronze, silver and even golds got tired of being fill in playars just so higher ranks can over inflate there skills. They stop playing so this causes more of what your seeing. I know you do not want to play master i get that. perfect world you play inside your rank until your good enought to move up.

I know it seems bad to you onxy to diamond but you can not even get better at a lower rank when your mix with higher rank players.

Add to this all the ping sponge and lagg issues. it makes the player bases dimishes.

TC is trying to find a good mix. I agree you should of at least got one or 2 masters on your squad.

If youare bronze silver or gold you dont have an incentive to win like a diamond or onyx3… F.y.i. i have stacked the enemy team is even sweatier than if i was by myself… I have reached D2 twice for it to be erased by a group of trash on my team

Intersting you say that. what makes you think that? You do not think lower ranks have a right to a fair game as a higher ranks? If it was not for lower ranks and players trying to get better thier would be no player base and the higher ranks would not even be there. You call them tarsh, but if not for them you would not be at a higher rank. your post proves that. your post is about not wanting to play masters. At onyx 3 is that not the point to test your great skills at a higher rank?

or our you saying you just want a team of same ranks both to play agains and on your team.

Its not a test is a straight up massacre … What sense does it make to put someone whos never been masters once against 1-3 masters… An havin a team of bots who play like they just started … master on my team against a 5 stack with masters thats real fair no we just got lucky. What skill was tested put 5 randoms against 5 coordinated units?? Did not realize i had to carry a bunch of random low rank onyx when i shouldnt be onyx to begin with.
Game suxks period if your a master you should be facin masters no less than diamond 2-3 never should be gettin free wins against onyx gold bronze an silvers
An i doubt it ranks you based on skill…
similar algorithm as finding any scrubs they can scrape up on a game of pickup basketball
Complete nonsense two ranks higher?

The Bronze ? He is teamed with an onyx highest rank counts for matchmaking, that’s only common sense.
Also the explanation to the ranked says +2/-2 so as Onyx you can face up to masters and as low as silver(plus whoever teams with such a rank even if bronze)
Sorry Platinum would be +1/-2 so lowest would be gold.

I don’t really see the problem ? Are you complaining that if you sign up as a solo player to a team based game mode you get matched up with random people according to the setup rules ?

Im complaining that its a waste of time an not based off similar skill teammates its one sided … Every match even if you win… Doesn’t matter who im facin i could be a diamond 2 an facin the easiest kids i ever seen somehow drop to onyx 3 an face sweatier ppl

That is what random matchmaking does, if TC wanted to be real about the ranked they should only allow premades for team modes.


Yeah, I have plenty onyx/diamond pals. they always hit me up to play and stack as the 5th. I have never even reach gold, silver 3 at best. They know this and are fine, but its brutal for me when we have 4 onyx 3 and me at silver 3. It’s not about me being trash just out of my league, but i cross and support and sometimes i have some good plays on the hill just enough time for them to respond. but i know i have cost them the win.

Now when i play solo though. I tend to agree with @Litva_Rican it be nice to at least play no higher than gold and a few bronzes would be nice. but the lower ranks i think are used as fill in on match making. I can tell you on solo i been placed with onyx diamond and golds. not fair to them or me and I almost never get at least one match ranked on the other team always higher. I do think people just assume some one is trash if they do not have same or high kill count, but so many other things involved. Getting place on a high rank team against high ranks does not make me trash. Not that anyone here is saying that but, dam the other team and your own team you get called out even though i had nothing to do with solo match making.

I hear you! You do not want to be over match with out the same on your team. I guess you need to build a stack that you can work with now that you’re in the higher ranks. I also think some of the onyx you see got there by match making them to low ranks easy kills, but now they are where there is a real skill separation.


I can get that, and I hate to defend TC, but they clearly stated matchmaking is based on a +2/-2 ranking otherwise the wait times would probably be atrocious. So yes as Platinum or Onyx you will have real weird matchups, hence why I prefer FFA same rules but it is complete chaos at least.
The common sense about a bronze or Silver teamed with a master being ranked in master is that you could really game the system as the master guy.

And yes I agree in Team based modes the leaderbord doesn’t work.
It doesn’t account for you being the one holding 4 people off the cap to get precious points, it does not account for you being the one being first at next and holding it for precious points.
But the system as is will always fail there.
Hence why if you want to really do real ranked, elo, Zero sum. Only teams only wins count.(Your personal power is only in such valid as it helps your team win). But lets be fair no one wants that after all this game caters to solo players too.
So if you do it solo it will happen that your matchup is far less than optimal.

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P.s. i have tried to stack it is not much better you still get faced against sweats… An not only that… its worse losing with a stack cause everyone disbands or trash talks

Again friend, that is random matchmaking

Maybe there is a missunderstanding here about the Idea of a stack…say you play Football. You want a team of reliable people that know what they are doing.
4 Random Setuo people will help but they are still random. Losing sucks, I hate it, but as long as you have random ifluences the best you can do is 50/50.
Againt I dont get why TC allows single players outside of FFA it will only lead to exactly these complaints .

Ffa is Grindy an i dont like that you. Only start with a shotgun

It’s the only game mode you can only rely on yourself.
Team, based with randoms will always be random.,