Why am I silver

I’ve won every match I’ve played, was MVP more than I was any other placement and when i wasnt mvp i was just behind. I dont understand what I’m doing wrong. I have 0 loss and 10 wins atm first time playing ranked guardian. Also my kd is a 5.
I get roughly 20-25-30 kills and under 5 deaths usually get 1 or 2 only because I play very carefully because I wanted to rank high in something and I still got silver idky

Rankings are broken or using a convoluted system. I got placed in silver 2 despite doing well in my placement matches. I even lost rank and dropped to silver 1. I cant get out. Yet there are people saying they are out in a few matches. I’ve been stuck in silver since placement. Something is definitely wrong

Also get ready for the git gud crew to arrive they are lurking somewhere I am sure.


Let me show u mine

Its the first season so a majority of the people are getting placed in silver same happened in Gears 4



Are you actually get the kills or just eliminations? There is a big difference in how it affects ranking, but a 5.0 KD is absurdly high unless you’ve only played a handful of games

Impressive numbers in regard to timed kills which is ridiculous because are we playing Mario Kart or what? But also good on you because I have no idea how to raise those numbers with the campfest that TDM has become.

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Around below 20 games


Campy games and then power weapons become useful.

If people are rushing then rifles become important.

True, probably dont have the issue in diamond of people grabbing the power weapons every game and don’t know how to use them. Oh how I hate spawning in the back lol

Nice Photoshop @III_EnVii_III

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Silver is a grind to get out of but just try to do as best as you can every single match and you’ll be okay.


TDM is normally 1v5 for me or 2v5 if I get lucky and have a decent team mate.

I played a match on VASGAR once where I picked Sniper and this guy literally stood behind me AFK / Blocking me the whole time.

2nd round I just let him get it and he picked it, went to cover, popped up and got his head taken off :neutral_face:


My skills are getting better :eyes:


What controller settings you play


What layout

Default with LB as my A as well and LB moved to back paddle.

Wait, you are default???

Well yeah, since 2006.