Why Am I Pinging So High This Weekend

It’s absurd. I normally sit at about 25-50

This weekend I’m at 100ms give or take 5-10 only on this game.

Network settings tells me I’m at 24 lol

Driving me nuts

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With the way my matches go 90% of the time it seems I’m the only person playing on the east coast. I can deal with ping, but game inconsistencies from match to match are the most frustrating.


It could be because you’re playing on a server located further away.


What I really want an answer to is why I’m stuck playing 100ms players who spikes constantly to 1100ms. The game runs like an inconsistent mess due to this but they’re sponging so they don’t care. I can’t explain in words how tired I am of people cheating with their high pings. It shouldn’t even be allowed it’s so damn bad.

Well i have one solution to your question here my friend. They need the all the server(s) they can get to help the “pros” to play in the tournament.

This game is just pathetic the last few days.

I cannot get into a single lobby where my ping is less than 60.

I’m sluggish, roll when I should slide, sticking to walls, weird camera panning on respawn.

It’s garbage.

How is this supposed to make Ayers want to keep playjng

I don’t see how a 60ms ping would cause this issue. I’ve played with a 60ms and 15ms before and the issue you describe happens regardless of which ping I have if there’s even one player pinging about 80ms. If there isn’t one of these high ping warriors I don’t experience any of these issues with the above pings.

My ping (usually 24ms to west coast)has averaged nearly double that in the past week. It’s not because I’m connecting to different servers though because the network page shows pings all higher than normal.

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No everyone else is their usual 120 ping

But even me now, pinging double what i usually would the last few days…

I don’t get it.

XBL was a complete mess on Thurs/Friday so that’s probably a factor. I wasn’t on Saturday bu It expect the same issues were happening.