Why am I on 80 plus ping UK with a 70mps connection?

They use the exact same techniques from the Quake engine that GoW’s netcode uses. If you wikipedia lag compensation you’ll see there’s only a limited amount of lag comp algorithms games can and do use: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lag#Solutions_and_lag_compensation

It’s not sound reasoning to use anecdotes.

Just ignore
They are looking some sort of validation that playing with lag and guessing is a good thing.

There’s 100ms lag even on LAN reserved for the buffer in case a player dropped packets or had a lag spike.
The problem you should be attacking is why players with lag get to see ahead of time and why input is even subjected to prediction algorithms in the first place that can alter your skill for the worst.

Already happened my gears friends list could have 15-20 people playing on any given day, for last 2 days its been 0 , i refuse to play it myself, if it was just ping it would be fine but its not, its clearly worst, 100ping should not have what we are experiencing in game.

I see they say they restored campaign progressing. That isn’t true, I’m still missing completion.


Yes this is what I’m arguing, the higher pinging players (so the one that should be lagging) is in fact the player that is seeing ahead of time and has an advantage in this game which makes no sense to me what so ever.

Bro it’s easy to see, every high ping game contains USA and Mexico players on low ping and uk on high. Shots are not registering,every trade goes to the low ping player and it feels like the lancer has just started hitting and you are down. It’s not compensating the way you think. What you read and what actually happens is not always the same. I see what you are saying but that is not what’s happening. The first 2 weeks or so were excellent on ranked until the pings went up and every game contained Americans. You can talk all day but until they separate the players again like before ranked gaming for eu players on gears is going to be an unpleasant experience. I had MVP on execution quite a few times with 130 ping but even then I basically have to have the gnasher pressed against my opponent to get the kill. The USA guys know it as well because after they see the difference they are running around the map knowing they have a bit more time to get their shots away

at current state you are most certainly right, however skill_uk has been explaining how it normally works so can 't really fault that either.

Update is:

Investigation ongoing. No ETA as yet.

So, european players we are easy targets for USA players that see us a litle bit earlier than we see them? That is what ping does? We have to buy more x-box consoles in Europe and then they Will build a good server for us XD


I’m not that great but come try playing against me with 80ms ping while I have 7-12ms (my EU ping) and you’ll definitely change your mind.

Too bad there are no other modes to play… Like the other 90% of the game.

Do you find lower or higher ping more advantageous?

Lower ping.

Catch a grip buddy,spoken like a true p v e player. What are you saying come off ranked to spam bots on quick play or come a play horde lmao spamming AI. Do you really think serious p v p players are going to want to do that. Easily the most unknowledgeable comment in this section. Keep your input for things you know about

And you play from the EU? The game works best for me in a lobby of 30-40 ping players, I usually find if I’m in a lobby of 30-40 ping players and there’s someone in there at 90 or 100 they will be an absolute nightmare to play against. I would usually rather ping slightly higher than the other players in the match

But the US server issue at the minute is something different all together, I’m pinging at 90 against 100 ping players and it’s an absolute horror show.

I am EU.

I get 7-15ms ping.

As long as everyone is under 30 then it’s all good.

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Yes I agree with that. I don’t usually have any issues as long as they aren’t over 30

this dude really trying to argue that high ping does not matter in a game that is full of 1 shot deaths, fast movement and slippery gib range.


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Oh noes! Someone who enjoys more than 10% of the game? The horror!

I bet you’re an “06-vet n dey took yr gnashr” too? Haha