Why am I on 80 plus ping UK with a 70mps connection?

Gears 5 update and the versus ranked is still un playable. If only I could get my money back… Brought the pre order … Unable to connect… now cant play as only connecting to USA or Mexico it seems… what’s the point…
If we can t play with a fair connection dont say it’s a worldwide game… it’s like taking a pillow to a gun fight…
Ps … serious about the money back comment… Paid £65 for a game that’s still not working correct…

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Because the game is putting EU people onto US servers and TC are investigating what’s happening.

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It’s been happening for too long now… how can there
be an update and this not be priority… who gives a hoot about reducing the price of items??.. I like most will be leaving this pile of ■■■■ for COD… worst ever…


There is an update on Gears5.com/status

Thank you… but clearly more e evidence the game or more importantly the servers weren’t ready for the game release date… Clearly there should be some compensation
for what we’ve all been put through… Sad in some people’s eyes… but as a gears original gamer throughout it all from the start… O took holiday to give me an opportunity to play… which was disappointing to say the least… now I’m just frustrated… to make matters worse… I originally purchased the game via a store as I am proud to say I have all the disc versions. This did not come in time for the pre release do also paid for the download… when I returned ths store brought game a week later they tried to offer me £34… this I am very annoyed… rant over…p


It’s still happening,I tried a few games earlier. This will cost them players,I garuntee it, The longer it takes them to fix it the more guys who value their stats and connection fairness will say screw this im not getting owned over and over on uneven servers. For some reason it was all good until last weekend then bang every game is 100+ ping .They ffn done something and they know rightly what it was. Probably putting everyone on us server to speed up matchmaking or some regions not finding matches so they dumped everyone onto same server. It’s embarassing either way for a flagship Microsoft game to be having this issue on its ranked games which are supposed to be its elite section.

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Just drop this game, it’s broken and it really isn’t worth giving these garbage devs gametime or numbers. Gears is dead, move on.


Yeah, after 2 games of ranked tonight, I’m moving onto something else until they fix this. UK player

What are TC doing to compensate EU players? Trying to gain skins in ranked mode is near impossible when getting put in 100 plus lobbies. The matchmaking is a complete joke

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I’m in uk and my ping was 19-23 last night

Mbps has nothing to do with ping you can be on 10000Mbps and still have 80+ ping to a server.

There’s some issues with putting EU players on US servers, but 80ms is perfectly playable imo, welcome to online gaming.

Gears of war also only uses up to 1Mbps, so you could save money by downgrading your bandwidth to just 30Mbps.


80ms ping is still within the UK zone or at most reach France/Belgium/Netherlands… To reach US, it’s at least around 150 to 250+ ms (Mexico/Brazil)… Throughput does not determine ping. Distance and the route taken determines that.

In-game, under settings you can see the pings to the various datacenters. Then open your xbox companion app and look at the xbox network test. It should match one of the pings. Of course, remember to set your windows OS region settings to the correct region beforehand.

Indeed, I have live footage of the aforementioned investigation:


If it would have affected mexican players being connected to EU servers, TC would work overtime to fix it.


they do it on purpose. the development team is just garbage.

Overtime?! They wouldn’t leave their offices!

All friendships, marriages and life commitments in general would be sacrificed.

You’ve raised this post in other threads but you’re still not getting the point. If I’m pinging at 30ms and playing against people from the US pinging at 80-100ms the game is horrible and they have a clear advantage. You can try and make a counter arguement talking all technical stuff but I’ve been playing this game for long enough to know when I’m going to get a horrible game.

Currently all European players are being put on the US servers so we are pinging at 90ms playing US players pinging at 100+, it isn’t playable.

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lol at gears being playable at 80+ ping, it’s a mess. You can just feel the heaviness in every gun fight and it’s just boring. I gave up playing until it’s fixed.

The client is always predicting ahead of the server equal to half of his ping time, here’s a demonstration at 160ms showing it’s perfectly within the lag compensation range and playable: https://youtu.be/W3aieHjyNvw?t=1533

So in fact, lag can actually be advantageous, as the one lagging gets to see more ahead.

The video in the link you sent is relating to overwatch, it has nothing to do with gears. Like I say you can try and argue your point with quotes out of text books about bandwidth, servers, latency whatever you want…

As a gears player, from my experience, the higher pinging players have an advantage, i.e 50ms > 30ms. Currently EU players are playing on US servers. In every match I’ve played I’ve been pinging at 90ms and opponents at 100 or more, the gameplay is horrible and doesn’t feel like a gears game should.