Why am I not ranking up?

I was under the impression that when you hit the top 1% in your rank, that you are promoted to the next tier. In my case that would be silver 3.

I have been silver 2 top 1% for 2 days now and am still not ranking up. Why?
I had ranking issues in Gears 4 too, where I was stuck on Gold 3 forever, my rank percentage never changed, regardless of how good or badly I played, and I couldn’t rank up or down.

In Gears 5, my rank percentage is changing, but now I’m just stuck in silver 2, and am not being promoted even though I’m eligible for promotion? For what it’s worth, I started in silver 2 after my placement matches also.

I have some friends who have succeeded in being promoted from silver 2, when they hit the top 1%, so what gives? Does anyone else have this issue?

PS: What is all that info on the right hand pane on the screen? I have no idea what it is trying to portray.

@TC_Octus am I getting the wrong end of the stick here, or is this a bug?
Thank you