Why am I not on my best server?

Why when US West is 16ms for me, yet I am thrown in Central at 68ms?

I don’t get it.

It’s lien they intentionally match me with horrible high ping mexilag.

What’s the point in having the server list, if I cannot tell what server I currently am playing on?

Because matchmaking is based on “quality of service”. If the game cant find the match in your local region then it would then expand the region pool by adding the next lowest ping server.

Thats why your thrown in Central US matches.


Besides, this game throws Mexico players around like candy. I have been on every US server and every one is infested with high ping/high fluctuation Mexico players that cause teleporting and of course they sponge more shots than 50 Cent claims to have. You wouldn’t have an issue on any server if they would just lock Mexico players onto their own server. I’d guarantee 99% of the lag issue disappear and most players in the USA would be happy as hell.


I knew it was QoS, but it literally puts me in a match in seconds, on a server other than the nearest to me.

And it doesn’t even tell me what server I am currently on, which is absurd.

I agree, in all honesty if a region is dead, those remaining players should realise the game is not popular over there and move on rather than other region playsrs to play with them.

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That’s the thing. I know of many players all along the entire west coast that play.

Yet, I can’t match with any of them lol.

And since day 1, no matter what server we used to pick, up until now, when the game picks it for us, every match was 7/10 mexican, no matter where you chose to play.

Atrocious to be honest.

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I feel the game problems we have are largely down to QoS. Imo they should get rid of that and simply add connection based matchmaking.

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Too good I can still play horde on 100+ ms…