Why am I bothering recording?

I deleted two last night but this make a total of 5 now.
I have it set to 45 seconds so when I see under 20 and no sound I know it didn’t record what I wanted…which is great because I didn’t want to relive that awesome moment anyways.

Guidebutton - whatever the double-windowbutton is called - and you can choose between 15,30,45,60,120 seconds.

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I know

Ok? I sometimes have missing audio which doesn’t bother me as much. Seems to be the game itself though. Especially “The Labyrinth” causes some audio-issues sometimes.

Did you maybe hit the guidebutton a few seconds before recording these clips? That seems to reset recording.

I hit record after the play is done.
The point is I changed it from 30 to 45 hoping that would solve it.
It didn’t.

When it records properly its a 45 second clip

Xbox DVR is just terrible no matter what settings you have for it. Ive had so many clips that just don’t have audio for them for no reason.

Yeah been having the same issue. Setting it to 45 seconds instead of 30 and then switching back agan helps sometimes, as does delete old clips. But after 1-2 clips it stops working again. I’ve got a ton of 6-17 second clips.

Also, introvert:

People are annoying

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I disagreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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What is the quality of the records set to?

Where have you been?

I’ve been on the same sleep schedule as my friend from the other side of the world, so like, go to sleep at 5pm, wake up at 1am. I wouldn’t recommend.

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you the snubbbs from way back? cause i played you a ton back on gow 2 or gow 3 i can’t remember in gb

Yes it is lol. What was your gt?

  • Turn off auto uploads

  • Power cycle your Xbox

  • Before each session, toggle between the clip length and resave it(sounds weird but yeah)

These steps should help you get consistent clips

oh bro you must be older too i had a team that went against you all the time in 2v2’s and 3v3’s on gb’s you prob wont remember cause you were decently known back then.

Yeah I’m fairly ancient at this point. In Gow2 I played with carills, terms, reliance, phenomenon, kaboom, carson, strangulate, devil d, nastty/frenchfries few more but mostly them. Gow3 it was manual, xplosive, mortalize, vestur, procision, lava, vanish, solurs, sumuns, few others as well. If you played me in either of those games I was probably playing with some of these people as well.

yup i played against all you mother fuuuuu ks bro add me i still have vids of us playing you guys… iDrizzyT is the gt now. i played against optic on lan and still have vids of us playing carrils, carsonz and strag on youtube lmao. small world

I feel like I played DrizzyT a lot in dubs with VestuR at the end of Gow3 lmao.

yeah bro that’s my new gt… i had so many gt changes back on gow 2 and 3. but i remember playing you on river a lot because you guys had a straight were you window peaked boom area and you had a nasty pistol that messed us up. we had to change our strats too after that