Why am I being put on the wrong servers?

I’m in the United Kingdom, so why on earth do I keep getting put into matches on apparently Mexican servers?

I have extremely fast fibre broadband, typically playing with ping between 5-30. Yet every time I’m put into one of these far-off hosted matches I’ve got ping closer to 200, and honestly it’s pretty difficult to even play.

I’d understand if there just weren’t any other matches to join, but it’s as if the game doesn’t know where to host from. Most recently I played a match on Checkout where one guy (from Mexico) had 50-60 ping, and literally everyone else in the match (mostly from Europe) had 150-200 ping. Why would that match not be played on a European server?

It’s frustrating but I’m not just trying to rant: is there something I’m missing about how this works? Are there settings I can/should change?

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Use the search feature and you’ll find plenty of info.

You can’t do anything against this problem. Sometimes I am with 5 EU players searching and we get put on US server after a couple of seconds in matchmaking.

The thing is, everyone, all 10 players sometimes have a ping over 90. I just dont get the point tbh

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because they still haven’t built the damn wall

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