Why am i banned

this happens very often. i load into a ranked match, game times out and i get suspended for “quitting”. this just happened again, and now it wont give me a timer for my suspension length. i made this thread in lieu of being able to find a support ticket option.

I swear these quit penalties hurt the honest players more often than an actual quitter.

The quitter tends to quit out and go play something else such as Fortnite.

The legit player who was booted out in the lobby gets banned and rather than wait just gets offline due to being punished for no reason.

The reality is if the penalty can’t distinguish between a lobby crashing and actual quitters it shouldn’t exist. We need penalties but not if they consistently punish honest players.


They were warned many times about the risks of the system way before they implemented it especially with the poor infrastructure we have for the servers atm. But they went ahead and did it anyway. Go figure.

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