Why always escalation why?

So let me get this straight in order for me to get some XP I gotta play escalation?

I just don’t know why don’t give across all playlists like 2 weeks ago"
I know pros like to play 24/7 because that’s all they do ,but C’mon I’m not a pro nor like escalation as much as the next guy …
As it’s not bad enough we have to play against teams of try-hard wannabe pros on every match.
Why don’t spread the love to the players that play casually and wanna have a good time playing Horde? It’s hard to do it?

Let me answer my question - I guess it is!

Escalation gets all the love while the other (playlist) are left behind,
it’s bad enough not having servers working properly and the waiting time brother you could order a pizza and I bet it will arrive hot to your home and you’ll still be waiting in the lobby …
I just want some XP without putting a sweatband on my forehead :neutral_face:

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But I always thought the Esports would be more entertaining if they switched up the modes… have them play koth guardian execution… dunno why they only stick to one mode in the esports scene, if anyone has any ideas why they only play escalation id be happy to hear them - my guess is either (1) that it requires the most teamwork, (2) it’s TC baby and they want to separate themselves from Epic and the modes Epic used.

I personally think execution would be the mode thatd show what team had the most skilled players


i for one am looking forward to this ,i like playing Escalation so having with 4 x EXP makes it that much better

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Is more fun and more competitive as well Execution…
The Annex was so much fun back in GOW 2 so watching escalation on the streams is like meh" I’m just here for weapon skins "
Is good at some point but seriously all the time?

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i have been asking for a special ANNEX with Execution Rules event for Years now way back to the EPIC days


ANNEX sounds better than KOTH tbh , I think GOW 2 had execution rules , should be nice to bring back some old playlists from previous games…
My vote is for Submission aslo from GOW 2!


No one’s forcing you to play it. They want to encourage people to play Escalation so they offer a perk. You’re not entitled to 2xp.

You missing the point but I know “if you don’t like it don’t play it” don’t worry I don’t like that playlist anyways
Thing is what’s the point on having more playlists if escalation have all the attention?
Just because the “Pros”?
I rest my case!

Well no because the NOLA event is next week so they’re trying to promote that as Escalation is the mode they play. How would having 2x XP on any other game mode besides Escalation promote people to want to try Escalation?

Some people are probably scared to try Escalation because it’s not Core and it’s difficult to understand. Having an event that entices more players to play the mode helps when the NOLA event happens as they can have more of an idea of what’s happening.

It might be your case to just watch the streams for skins, but maybe others want to learn how to play the mode so this is good for them.


You are making sense stop that lol

Too good it’s not horde, or my wife would divorce me.