Why all the hate for Gears 5?

Why all the hate for Gears 5? I don’t get it. I haven’t played since the update so will dive back in later. But what am I missing? It’s the most accessible Gears for multiplayer. I enjoy all the modes and refresher since the shoty gnasher tango of previous gears. Would like to know, what are the main issues? It’s not perfect and the bullet sponge is annoying, but I hope they fix it.


Campaign is the best since Gears 2 or even 3. Not a lot or any big issues there.

The problems are with multiplayer. Horde is a frustrating mess with people leaving after a few waves, ABILITIES locking people from playing their favourite character, ranked issues (that’s apparently getting fixed next week though), lack of content, grind for a lot of the content is ridiculously long, the store is stupid and The Coalition has done a very poor job communicating with the community.


I currently really enjoy gears 5 , I really enjoyed the campaign on insane, the story provided some important lore (myrah and the locusts) and it was overall fun to play. Most of the complains are from pvp players but im not a pvp guy. I have my team for escape and horde on master so i love the game.

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The current characters do nothing for me , I have no empathy for them , they leave me numb. I have always really loved the campaign, but midway through act 2 I quit, i don’t feel any emotional attachment to the characters.


I honestly thought the campaign sucked. What made the campaign so good to you? Not arguing, just looking for different perspective…


The games built off its pvp so it’s easy to see why people are complaining. The pvp is what keeps its hardcore fan base-you might play horde and escape but will you just sit and play horde and escape for the next 12months and stay on gears of war? Doubtful-most horde players play a good bit but leave after a while and come back and fourth but it’s the pvp guys who are on gears of war permenantly week in week out.


I myself love the pvp but I’m not really getting butt hurt over all the issues, yes it’s a mess but I know it’ll get better

I loved the store with how involved you get with it, really makes for a great lead up to other future games

I can’t comment on mp, but most seem to agree the campaign is pretty good.

As for mp comments, I think the discussions would be a lot more useful and concise if people would mention their skill and overall GoW franchise experience level.

We can’t assume leaving matches is always new or noob players, but I think a way of limiting it would be banning them for a week from that mode if they make a habit of it (3 times in a week maybe).

There are lots of ways of handling mp related things, but keep in mind, they need to make sure the things they change are requested heavily by an overwhelming percentage of players.

I see more and more people speaking out that they are OK with most of the mp design, so I can’t help but think a lot of the ongoing angst toward it is very exaggerated and biased.

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I’ve played Gears since the first day and reached Diamond 4 (KotH) in Gears 4. The current state of Gears 5 is that it’s a sloppy mess with so many issues it’s going to take an extremely long time to address them all.

I played last night and every match felt like I was playing through thick mud after a heavy rainstorm rolled through. Slow motion with tons of input delays on both movements and shots. I played two matches today and it ran smooth as butter. In no other game has the core gameplay felt different from day to day and that is what disgusts me most.

I’d love to go back to Gears 4 but I can’t do that either. The high ping fluctuation players ruin that one on the daily.



Because they released it 6 months to a year too early and it ■■■■■■■ blows.

There’s 100 small bugs… and there’s 10 or 15 major problems on top of the small bugs.

It’s just a ■■■■■■ product that was over rushed, over hyped, and watered down. I should have stuck to my guns not to purchase it until reviews came back that it was a solid game.

I’d be super pissed if I was an 06 gears vet.

I found it kind of a rip off at 60 bucks but that’s because I don’t play campaign or anything other than PVP. … but that’s my choice.

Furthermore, my choice will be not to contribute any cash in the form of iron to continue supporting the mess they released until it finally becomes the product I was looking for. That is ■■■ backwards.

My steam review warns others not to purchase for at least another 6 months to a year.


I’m a pvp player and in my opinion the game turned hard to play, since during a match someone get expulsed by technical reasons (I’ve expulsed for no reason at least 3 times) and for this point, in gow 4 they gave the option to join to your match again, they’ve not doing it already on this, I can tell: NEAR TO THE END CAN JUST STILL 3 PLAYERS AT THE END OF THE MATCH so that unbalances things a lot.
The other thing is the OP that some wp are, like sniper, boltok, and i don’t know if there are others.
The bugs at every little moment, the unbalance in shots, the characters that u can buy on store that several many times are f***ing sponges…
Yup, that’s all, JUST MY OPINION about why the game is turning bored.

The story was great and the environments were really awesome. I loved how they implemented open world elements but it did feel a little tacked on in some instances. The story was amazing because we finally got to see the origins of the Locust and discover the huge potential threat the Swarm were becoming.

It wasn’t perfect by any means but it was still a great experience. The Mount Kadar region and Vasgar were gorgeous and the overall it was just enjoyable unlike Multiplayer rn.

I can see why some people didn’t like the campaign and it mainly is due to preference and personal opinions and that’s fine mate!

Well I always been an achievement hunter and right now him focused on getting Serious 5.0 (almost done) and im also a completionist (trying to have everyone to lvl 18 and all cards to lvl 5) so after that I think ill take a break from gears to go play some other games and come back when there will be more stuff to complete. If serious 5.0 chapter 2 include some pvp… well i guess ill need to play pvp.

It’s a really good game. Just needs some gameplay refinement, better store prices, and more maps, all which are happening.

But I’ve been playing since 06 so the fact TC expects their community to wait for changes to be made is absurd. The fact they aren’t making these changes over night (it really is that easy) shows they don’t care about the game or their long term die hard fans

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That’s sounds more like server overload problems than a game design problem. That kind of thing is also heavily dependent on the speed and quality of one’s net connection.

they can’t do an update overnight its on xbox which mean they need the Microsoft certification (which take about a week) before doing anything to the game.

Yes, but we have been waiting for 3 months since release, and nothing works .

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There pulling the plug on 4…thats why 5 sucks…Made 4 a free game in august for games with gold just to kill it off by october lol As a consumer and a fan of 4 im insulted. Lowered its value completely when they made 4 free smh Was like a warning of what was to come.

Only game with an issue.

Gigabit Fiber. Hard wired. No packet loss. Steady 19ms ping in those matches.

It’s a Gears 5 issue. It started happening only after TU2.

Also, a 19ms ping has huge delays. Whatever they did to the game with TU2 made it a mess. If I shoot an enemy the time from bullet hitting to their death is equal to a 200ms ping. That’s completely messed up and unacceptable. Again, this is on a 19ms ping that’s better than just about everyone who plays the game.

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