Why add aim lock to advanced difficulty PvE?

Shouldn’t you be able to aim at this point?

Now it turns into beginner difficulty where everyone is aimbotting away.

Used to be fun and challenging to play when trying to level up your lower level classes, but now it’s just headshot city where others just horde all the kills because it aims at the head for you ( I have mine disabled btw after I noticed this change)

There was no need for this change in my opinion.

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It helps with touch controls on mobile

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Well, if you are an able bodied person that may seem like the case. However, it was added for accessibility. If you are not physically disabled, feel free not to use it.

The reason it maxes out at advanced difficulty is so that non-handicapped players don’t exploit it.


I don’t think the aim lock works against deebees properly. But otherwise I don’t mind it, It should give more effective teammates for those that need it.

This is an accessibility feature that helps players without sight or fine motor control participate in PvE without being restricted to one difficulty.

Above Beginner, Target Lock aims for the body instead of the head, so you shouldn’t be seeing “headshot city”. But now players who use this feature can actually earn decent rewards and participate in the metagame.


That is actually awesome. Very thoughtful for those who struggle. Well done.

TC is actually one of the industry leaders in terms of accessibility features. Something that many aren’t aware of, but makes all the difference for some players.


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t aware at all. I have two disabled children and I know fine well that this would be so helpful for them, feeling like they can be a help other than a hindrance to the team.

Just gotta get them playing first though.

I very rarely play on the difficulty now but it should not aim at the head.
I turned off any aim assist because of this exact thing is it aims at the biggest mass of the body, I take out the heads lol.

So far TC and naughty dog have figured out more options the better when it comes to this even if someone like myself turn it all off