Why a salvo for a medic?


I have seen Medics use salvos and when playing as a medic i have had people bring me salvos…


What is this about? I find a Trishot with perked up critical dmg quite good, as well as sniper weapons or even a GL…

Why a salvo? What am i missing?


No particular reaosn as far as I know. Its easy to aim, easy to use, has AOE damage. It’s just one of those meta approaches I guess. Like how Trishots are/were the norm, especually before you unlovked certain skill cards. I remember for Lizzie/Pilot before the Hammer card was added there was this weird thing going where it was presumed that you’d use a Claw and a Trishot even though they didnt get any buffs with it at all. Its still a bit assumed that Pilot uses a Claw. I guess its just a bit imbedded in most player’s minds.

Maybe for newer players they just naturally assume that the Salvo is as strong as GOW4 and explosives are godly powerful?

Wait until they find out…


Wait until they realize that an active sniper headshot can do like 10x as much damage as a Salvo shot. CM has an advantage with the Longshot due to critical damage perks.

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Most classes didn’t, but those at the time were the most useful weapons as a Pilot when you didn’t have your ult, given their damage and reasonably high rate of fire to make use of Aggressive Armor.

Now? I only tend to pick a Claw up as Pilot when there’s no Boomshots about(not very common), or it’s on the locker.

I wonder if part of it is that players assume the Claw is more powerful than it is due to Elite Drones (on master).

Im not a massive fan of the Claw personally. It’s strong, but the overheating feature which slows the rate of fire is annoying; and the reload is longer. Also the long magazine is annoying because even if you active reload it, with sustained fire the rffects wears off after about 60% of the magazine has been used, but the active cooldown doesnt reset for much longer.

I still think it’s a better alternative for classes with no rifle specific damage bonuses. I wouldn’t see much reason to use any of them except the Claw at their base damage.

For sure. I should add that some people just arent that great with sniping. I’ve got some friends who aren’t good with Longshots and despite me trying to encourage them to practice, are put off of using them. They’re quite happy with using rifles when they play classes like Veteran or Combat Medic which at least buff rifle damage.

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I think the reason it’s the same as infiltrators using lancer gl and marksman using mulcher, that reason being not knowing your class optimal weapons to use.

I was playing on Dawn when it was the daily a few days back and we were taking one of the map and the CM was sniping everything. Made me look useless as Gunner lol.

Probably for easy Ult charge but longshot headshot or active claw accomplishes the same job way faster and safer.

One big use of the claw is that a tactician will reload it faster than you are shooting it, so as slugger during your ult you can keep something stunned without any breaks, in tact’s circle.

Most of the time i would use a GL as slugger with tact (super OP) but if i just want to go with a stun, yeah, claw it is. .

It’s easier to headshot and activate medic’s core card Helpful Headshots, it also has great base damage. Expensive though, Lancer is more common

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