Why 4vs4 shouldn’t be in gears

Some maps are huge and obviously not intended for 4 people in each team, bunker, canals and blood drive for example, the game already felt slow because of campers when it was a 5vs5 now just makes no sense, if you removed the 2 extra players because server stability please just stop, you already nuked half of the game modes for server stability, I hope you do what it’s correct TC


i do think 4v4 has a place in gears and not because of the roots of the franchise, but because certain game modes do work well with it.

however, i think that the game was clearly developed for 5v5 and ranked modes such as koth have absolutely no business being 4v4 because too much dynamic is taken away.

again, i’ll compare it to basketball 5v5 vs 4v4. it’s 5v5 and they play on the same court dimensions every single game. wouldn’t it make more sense to play 5v5 seeing as to how we have new courts/maps every match?

4v4 was perfectly fine in UE but how are we going to act like this game was created with it in mind?

you want to make esca and grid 4v4 for comp? go for it, but leave ranked koth alone. i don’t know a single koth tryhard, those who were high diamonds in 4 and masters in 5, that prefer 4v4. those guys keep the mode alive, it’s a sweaty mode.

that is why i think that 4v4 is meant for more of the casual audience looking to vibe rather than sweat, which can actually include pro players who are not going to pig out and cross, rotate early and do all the extra stuff in a koth match.


4v4 is the way to go with every mode moving forward


I have to agree. I do miss getting quints tho.

I think it’s funny you mention canals when that is a gears 1 map lol. I’ve played sum koth and it still works. The 4v4 does seem random tho. How long do they plan to keep it this way?

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From Gears 1. Which was designed for 4v4.

Man way too big. The only map too big is Panahu but that’s just because it encourages too much rifle play.


4v4 should have its own place as its own mode with a select few maps. I don’t hate it cause it has its benefits but some of these maps just don’t gel well with it. River used to be chaotic. One guy in each tower sniper/torque battling each other. People fighting for boom, maybe a skirmish in the middle. Now it feels so quiet. Maybe a boom fight between everyone and whenever the ring is in the middle it feels like old river but that’s more a 5v5 map

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Got giant maps like pahuna and it slows down the gameplay way too much.

You can’t design a game one way and then change it up to be 4v4 and expect everything to be good. The slow down is one of the biggest complaints I see next to the gnasher inconsistencies. But for some reason they think it’s a good idea to keep slowing down gameplay.

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4v4 is casual.

That’s where it’s headed.

It’s like making horde 4 players because of the og horde.

For those PvE players who taunt us.


4 v 4 is awful and makes gears less fun.


Horde was originally 5v5 when Gears 2 introduced it. But I get your point.

Also, if they put a single elimination mode playlist with old school movement and 4v4 and kept TDM/King at 5v5 in its fast as f*- tuning …we’d all be fine I think.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Gridiron 4v4 with Gears 2 speeds but hey, TC doesn’t give a ■■■■ what I want because apparently Gridiron doesn’t played. 5v5 is also bad. Because they say so and we have no say in it it because “lol nah we at TC think it wOrKs GrEaT tAkE oUR wOrd for It”.

But everything those esports players and streamers/youtubers said got listened to by TC like Moses talkin to God. Then we normal players who play online (and not in a vacuum like LAN Esports) got effed over.

Of course this community doesn’t have the balls to boycott across the board and keeps making it rain in the store like they’re at a seedy strip joint.

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Did this man really just use Canals, a map that was literally designed for 4v4, as an argument that the maps weren’t designed for 4v4???

Bro I swear the people on Gears these days don’t even know about Gears lmao. Bunch of smooth brains on these forums.

I’m masters in 5, was diamond in 4. Guess what, 4v4 is significantly better.

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Everyone’s master in this new gp mode -_-

Got masters playing solo , no grind at all

Given out like candy to make everyone feel significant

I’ve had it every single season. I agree it’s way too easy. But this whole nonsense of “only noobs prefer 4v4” is utter ■■■■■■■■.

Everybody I know that plays at the masters level thinks 4v4 is better. The only people I hear saying 5v5 was better are casual players.

Same here.

Masters every op, this is by far the easiest op to hit masters.

I just wanna play with all my friends. That’s the only thing.

Gameplay is the same minus a friend to laugh with.

I agree 100%.

@Aloha_its_Kyle @Super_Mannis i understand that there are some people who do like it, i was just saying that i personally had never met any koth tryhard who didnt like it 5v5.

i’m glad you guys are enjoying the change.


There was a lot of maps in gears 1 that were huge and it was boring searching for people, that’s why it got upgraded to 5vs5

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