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Who's your top pick for Gears Fight Night All-Stars?

  • Choche
  • Crack
  • Cristalize
  • Dragonz
  • Fracturez
  • Godplays
  • Hesi
  • Kenny
  • Kugars
  • Mortify
  • Sneak
  • Soto
  • Speedy
  • Toti
  • Toydez
  • ToySoldier
  • Vital
  • Xclusive
  • Zenun
  • Zerpting

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This was really tough because there are several I think are more than deserving especially Kenny as he SHOULD have been an allstar is season one and was sadly left out.

My vote however went to crack because I feel like he will benefit a lot from the extra exposure and his play style is really fun to watch IMO.

Wish i could have voted for 3 like in season 1.


I voted toysoldier because I think he’s underrated and I miss seeing him play lol.

With that being said crack really got 27% of votes with Kenny second at 10%.


A vote for xclu5 is a vote for sneakey

Crack quiero que estes ahi te estamos apoyando @Deus E-Sport

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Crack jajajajajja neta?

Quien es Crack y porque no esta lavando mi baño xd.

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Vote por Toysxldier porque es mi jugador favorito y porque el merece esta oportunidad:músculo:

CracK the best

Kenny se merece estar por su desempeño en el 2v2 !! dando carrito …

Please Crack

Zenun all the way!

BBC Reply

Crack GG

I am voting for kugars we need european names also in all start


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Kenny all the way!

I really couldn’t possibly, and I mean REALLY COULDN’T, care less. I’ve tried.

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