Who's Your Mp Main and Why?


Any Favorite lines by them?

Does your choice carry over to Horde and Escape?

Mine are Kait/Lizzie/Baird for MP

When you kill someone with a torgue bow, Sometimes Kait says.

“What It looks Good on you!”

Rarely, and I mean rarely. When you respawn Kait will say "Reborn! Like a Butterfl- ■■■■ it "

When Lizzie sometimes fails a reload. She’ll say. “Uncle Said Practice!” Or “I think I lost an Uncle this way”

Terminators, Terminators, oh and did I forget Terminators?

I use Kait, Inside out cog, swarm sniper, and the cyclops.

Kait because I’ve actually grown to like her character quite a bit and she has some pretty cool skins. Inside out cog purely for the cool way he looks.
Swarm sniper because I like the way he looks and cyclops becuase he’s a OG locust and dope as hell.

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I use a mix really, but Kait/Lizzie/Del/JD mainly on COG MP

Queen Myrrah/Savage elite Drone mainly on Swarm cause shes the only “Enemy” I somewhat care about story wise and the Savage Elite Drone skin is badass (Savage Locust Grenadier is my favorite all time though

I know you didnt ask for pve, but I’m bored so I use Lizzie/COG Gear/Cole

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Kait, Lizzie. Whichever I use depends on how I feel like, though currently tend to use Lizzie more. To be clear though, I don’t really do PvP much. Those are my main two PvE picks. Mostly for personality, I find Kait interesting in the story and she’s ok in terms of personality, but Lizzie is just great(and funny), mainly my MP pick currently. Don’t really pick who I play because of playstyles, although since Cole was added I do use him as he is really fun to use(and All The Glory is, well, glorious - especially against Juvie mobs it’s so fun) and has some funny dialogue too.

As quotes go, I like most of them on both characters, but I would pick these for Lizzie :
“Look at me, I’m a Warden, I think I’m so great… snort Not.”(for a Warden kill if it’s not obvious)
“Carmine Construction, building our future by ending yours.”(for a Dropshot or Buzzkill kill)
“Surprise, suckers!” when engaging enemies in Escape. Best when you headshot one of them as you start the fight.

Cole does have one I also find oddly funny. “Ohh, one dead-*ss grub!”. For some reason I find that one amusing. But I don’t really use him as much.

If I was playing PvP I’d probably be using the Swarm Elite Grenadier although I don’t know if they have that same helmet-y effect laid over their voice in Versus like they do in the PvE modes. And for some reason I find the helmet doesn’t look so bad, even if it’s a bit rough craftsmanship. Otherwise, might be the Locust Grenadier cause I find the way he yells “Frag” when throwing one funny for some reason.

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COG: Recruit Clayton, Winter Armor Cole & Emile

Locust: Armored Robin Kantus, Collector’s Palace Guard & Gilded Raam

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I really like using the Queen for voice lines, but sometimes I wish she wouldn’t talk so much.

I’ve been using Cole on COG. Partly his lines and partly I missed him. Played Lizzie a lot for a while.

Voice lines seem to dictate who I enjoy playing the most.

Hate the Halo and Terminator character lines (or lack there of).

Would enjoy playing Dom some if and when he ever appears.

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DR-1 until Dizzy or Oscar are available. Theron until the day I die.




You know why.

Also maybe the Locust Bolter or Daddy Buster Baird.


Vermelo (Onyx or Helmetless) - I can get my health back by killing the enemy marked by me. And mass revive can be useful.
Thrashball Cole - He looks great, pretty strong and fast.
Clayton Carmine - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And Bacon.

Any locust drone,just reminds me of the original trilogy.And me being owned in multiplayer,which is fun for me,getting better slowly thou

Mac. That psychotic laugh.

JD. I think the only good models in the game are the main 5 cog characters and the swarm drone/imago, Everyone else just seems off. Their textures aren’t right and the designers just didnt quite mould their bodies to perfection. I felt the same way in gears 4, but had no problem with any characters in gear 1 to judgement,

That said, the reason I play JD is because he looks ■■■■■■■ huge in this game, His armour just trumps everyone else’s in every department. It’s big and it’s nicely coloured with a dark grey that looks mean and sits well with his blue pants and brown sleeves. Also his muscles look ■■■■■■■ massive even without the armour. This is what I want from gears characters, I want them massive. I want to see pulsating veins everywhere and armour so thick that you do need to deadlift 500 kg just to wear it. That’s why I play JD.

For my locust character I play imago because he’s naked.

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I’m a Kait spammer, for sure. Mainly Ice/Desert Kait but I do use chrome here and there since I bought it for whatever reason. She just has some of the better looking skins in the game and I mean, I think she’s an alright character too. Her English VA also voices my Street Fighter main, so there’s also that.

I also use Winter Del here and there. For now it’s like 90% Kait variants for me but we’ll see what happens if Anthony and Anya eventually comeback.

Swarm side I just use Swarm Sniper. Mostly because I still don’t have drone unlocked and Locust Sniper and Grenadier (and variants) aren’t in the game. Otherwise I’d be playing with Drone/Bolter atm or if Golden Hunter ever returns, only him.

I used to use Warden but the cape thing just wore thin on me after a couple weeks, cool character though.

I’d use Cole a lot more if they had his Gears3/V-day version in the game. I just really liked that look for him, I’ll probably play a bit old man Cole though.

“For my locust character I play imago because he’s naked.”
And he also has got a serious case of asthma! :grin:

Fahz. He has some underrated lines of dialogue. Mac has some good lines as well.

For Locust, my trusty Cyclops, because I’m a fan of Gears 2, and it was the character I used a lot in Gears 2 MP. Got chainsawed by him a lot in Horde, so its a love-hate relationship.

And occasionally I’ll use Gilded RAAM. Because he looks cool.

Hivebuster Marcus/COG Gear/ Lizzie
Locust Drone/Swarm Sniper/Vold RAAM

COG side - Classic Baird, Recruit Clayton, COG gear corpse
Swarm side - RAAM, locust drone, bolter, Kantus

Cog - Glacial Kait

Swarm - CS Myrrah

Because best skins imo.

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