Who's the new locust in the trailer?

Is he from the comics or something? Or is he a new character? I’ve never heard of him before.

Hype for what I seen in the trailer on a side note. The characters coming and skins for said characters are gonna be nice as well as that execution that looks like raam when he stabs minh.

I assume you refer to the Locust called “Jemad” - he’s seemingly a character from the Rise if RAAM comics, judging by his description in the What’s Up. I didn’t read them, just picked up on a few bits here and there from people discussing them on the forum.

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He was introduced in the Rise of RAAM comics and he’s more or less RAAM’s right hand man. He doesn’t say much but the on screen time he had oozed cool. Think of Boba Fett put into the Locust Horde. That’s Vurl Jermad.


See I never read rise of raam all I know about it is that they added a raam skin and another character from the book nto gow4

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They’re actually pretty good. You get a little more dialogue from RAAM and Skorge and their brotherly bond. It’s really interesting. You also get to see RAAM get man handled by his superior which was Sraak at the time. Its wild.

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If only they added his breechshot, the scorcher, boomshield, and the digger (screw the creature is dead excuse I used a rotting siegebeast corpse to blow up a swarm turret and topple a concrete chimney stack, so don’t use that crappy excuse. There’s even a Torque Bow that doesn’t have explosives. What happened to the hammer of dawn and torque bow bolts relying on imulsion?!)




  1. an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.

I’m probably nitpicking but a modified gun that’s better than the normal ones in current production is NOT a relic! If the “relics” we found were to help Baird improve the weapons for the next game I’d actually feel better and more willing to seek them out and I wouldn’t *** about TC calling them relics. Also why is the relic skin not in multiplayer?

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Vurl Jermad which is another one of Raams brothers in arms that is under his lead but is his right hand man with(Vrol) Karn and (Vrol)Skorge also there and in the Rise of Raam comics.

Pretty cool character and looking at the reddit him and Raam will have dialogue (Possibly or maybe confirmed if someone wants to check again and update go ahead) to interact with eachother like congratulating, welcoming, maybe some for the Bloody Vanguard stuff etc pretty cool.

Breechshot could come back but different as the swarm could take the new markza and well give it the same style they did with their previous Locust superiors and obviously it would work different since Markza firerate is different unless they mess it up and make it slower with more damage etc

(Somewhere I made a post on how each weapon could and could not come back on a weapon forum post I believe or something)

I like bringing weapons back and I mean the freaking boomshield is literally ON THE HEAVY SCIONS BACK if you look at it RL Salvo and Mulcher Scion I believe and also just putting it out that siegebeast the actual creature was long dead but the catapult is a separate contraption that is put onto them and non biological so it was the armor of it being used where the original beast most likely died leaving some of the ammo for it behind unused to later be used in that frustrating sequence.