Who's the most boring popular character?

Mines is Lahni. I just can’t stand waiting for the venom to come just to get her going.

Keegan if I can’t get any explosives to play with or there isn’t a lot of ammo around for them(that includes not getting explosive Resupply often). Lahni only gets boring if your teammates are either advancing too quickly for you to get stuck in with the venom or if it’s ridiculously slow like on The Choke, and/or the Cole player thinks you can’t handle some Scions and Drones yourself in the venom so you don’t get to do much as Lahni either. Although I guess that applies to any character.

Will admit it sometimes is a bit tedious waiting for the stuff you’re supposed to keep as much distance as possible from just so you can actually fight properly and not be an inadequate melee fighter.

JD is also very uninteresting to play for me in Horde at this point. While initially ok, I quickly lost interest in his playstyle.

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Cog gear

Does playing as Del entertain you?

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Lizzie. I find her so boring outside of the Silverback.

Escape is pretty boring tbf

I don’t play as engineer in Gears 5. I probably play one down the road. Played way to much engineer in Gears 4, so I avoid them now.

Playing an engineer in Gears 5 honestly seems less fun and varied than playing one in 4. Forts feel extremely squishy especially on higher difficulties, most characters don’t have the firepower to protect them, decoys especially, properly, and it feels like the game was almost built around requiring sentry support to finish games properly on higher difficulties.

I mainly see Bairds and Dels always building bases with nearly the exact same layouts and compositions, rather than different base builds such as mainly barrier builds, decoys and barriers, a mix of Sentries, decoys and barriers with either front line MG support(if the team needed it) or shocks as support tools closer to the front and MGs as backups and for areas commonly used by Guardians(I favored this type of base for Impact which was one of my favorite Horde maps in Gears 4), mainly barriers and Sentries, turrets and barriers, you name it, alongside lockers for the team. It just feels like TC restricted players in so many things compared to Gears 4 because they just had to screw with the balancing trying to make it more “skillful” when all it resulted in was having to dump more ammo into bullet sponges and generally taking away variety that was present in the previous game.

So many builds I saw in 4 that simply don’t seem viable any longer, decoys especially, because they just go down so ridiculously quickly and our damage potential to protect them properly just isn’t there for the most part(no quick Dropshots to clear enemies hitting the decoys, no super efficient cleanup with Explosive Headshot that often doesn’t even seem to kill regular Drones or DBs in one hit, etc.), even if a Del has fort health on. Don’t even wanna consider it without that skill. But sure, the Horde balance is more “skillful” now even though it isn’t and only serves to make nearly everything more restrictive, less varied and more boring. I already wasn’t interested in having to be Del or Baird for an engineer role, even though I quite liked being one in 4, this just discourages it further.

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Unpopular opinion: Delivery Driver Mac

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Lahni is sooooo much fun in venom though. Thrill of the hunt plus venom resistance is too good. For me it has to be Sarah Conner

This is the number one reason why theirs such a vast difference in 5, the decoys seem absolutely useless. Even though I don’t play as an engineer, I almost never see anyone utilizing them, to the point that I forget that they are even a fabricator option. Plus, when I see someone pull them out it’s normal in a bad position, or it dies fairly easy that I don’t even realize.

Gears 4 had better overall structure, but, I’m in the minority and feel Gears 5 Horde gives me a better challenge. 5 structural elements could definitely be refined some, and I think it will eventually, but I’m enjoying it so far, mainly with a few friends when they jump on it.

I don’t see many people use the decoy either, mostly because they are not an optimal use of energy. They are not super effective if used carelessly (though clever positioning makes them pretty good), they break quickly, and take a long time to fix.

I’m one of the few engineers who use them. I like to put them in the middle of some level 2 barriers so enemies “stick” to them. Some sentries get me the rope-a-dope medal. Requires a map with good pathing.


Now that sounds like some Gears 4 engineering. Never seen anyone do this in 5.

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@CyrusDaVirus365 im a Lizzie dude myself. But her loadout(besides the dropshot) blows…i drop that enforcer as soon as I can. Would also love to have the boltok or even the snub over the Talon…

I played Jack yesterday… and it was boring i did 91 revives and idling through 50 waves… wow… use the ult every second wave.

I’m always hunting for a claw when I run Lizzie. I don’t mind the Talon, but a Boltok would be good.

When I’m engineering and a Kait and a Lizzie are in the room, I trade the Kait my Overkill for her Retro and then drop the Retro for the Lizzie. I know the Lizzie horde pains too well.

She has always been my best RNG character though. I decided to do a couple hours of Surge speedrunning with her tonight and I was consistently dropping all of her good cards.

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Fahz is the most boring for me especially on high difficulty runs.

I like to build a decoy and hide it in a wall out in the middle on Forge. I’ll set it out on boss waves and see if I can lure a boss into the incinerator. It’s actually worked more then I would have expected.


Definetly Fahz