Who's Next? - Gilded RAAM Challenge

Also want to point out Gilded Raam is labeled “Loyalty Series” further providing evidence that it’s for the loyal fans here since launch, who’ve nearly 100%ed the game.

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Theron Marcus and Dom plz

That’d be amazing. But I don’t think it’ll happen since it might be confusing.

I got this one now, the Raam person and the guns but is this only thing because I don’t play the Versus I won’t be using this character :frowning:

Oh edit, I saw someone said earlier more is coming but I hope it isnt versus only stuff though I guess I am minority not playing versus.

I’m sure it won’t be Locust exclusively.

Where do you view your progress? I’m looking in the achievements section, but don’t see any called ‘RAAM Challenge’…

It should be called Gilded Raam challenge.

Oh, you can’t see it on the PC, you have to be on the console. Now I can see it.

my guess is another Griffin variant. He’s definitely a fan favorite.

It’s possible. I’d expect them all to be variations and nothing new.

Maybe Skorge is next since he is so popular and the fanbase will go crazy for him. This could be a dream lol but you never know :sweat_smile:

Well it’s not out of the realm of possibility. I’d except Myrrah, Skorge, Marcus Baird and maybe a Carmine or Dizzy.