Who's Next? - Gilded RAAM Challenge

Gilded Raam has been out for a week and I’m sure a lot of higher leveled Gearheads already unlocked him. As apart if that group I find myself craving another cool weapon set and character. Just wanted to know what people would like to see next? Personally I’d like to see multiple characters at a time, so we don’t have to wait 80 days in between challenges that take a weekend to complete.

But as far as specific characters (as the reveal mentions we’ll be getting multiple characters to take into Gears 5) I’d like to see:
-Gilded Versions of other Legacy Fan favorites, Skorge, Myrrah, Marcus, Baird, Dom, Tai, etc.
-Special variations on the G5 characters, like maybe the new JD we saw, but in gilded form or something.
-Far-fetched, but a brand new character that we want to see in G4/5, like Karn or the Onyx Guards.


Edit because I know I’ll get quoted 5,000 times…
That’s great news about the challenges.

They’re still doing more character challenges


They even said on stream last night that there still more unlockable characters to come.


Says so on the MOTD

Cupkait. Idk when I thought if that but yea Cupkait.
Aspho Marcus would be a pretty Neeto character. Would be cool to see him young again.
Vday crew maybe? Kilo squad?

Watch me think of this and them just do “gilded vold raam”

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I would think a COG character with some challenge linked into Horde.

I would love a G5 skin but do not see that happening.

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Yup. And the plan is for them to be transferred over to GOW5 as well!

They have said for sure there will be more challenge characters but I don’t know if the Characters will be variations on whats in game now like Raam was or possibly a character that hasn’t been in the game yet.

One of the about acquiring Gilded Raam was that it’s the only way to have Raam at launch in Gears 5 so I would assume that any future characters would be the same circumstances.

Some characters that come to mind right off are Dizzy, Tai, Any Carmine, or Minh. If it were to be a character not in the game yet I would have to believe it would be the Onyx Guard but Barrick would make me just as happy.

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Tbf Raam challenge could be done (points/RU10) through Horde. Nothing says it can’t be like that in the future.

I mean a cog player reward for Horde only players. We have had xp, campaign for RAAM. Maybe 2/3 Horde centric ones. Waves, skill and kills perhaps.

Possibly. They made RU10 a criteria, maybe getting all five classes to level 10 and beating horde on Incon. Ironman will be a challenge. I think Versus just holds the vast majority of playerbase including pro players and YouTubers, so it makes sense why the events are versus oriented.

The challenge is not going to be easy for ppl that just started, or do not play that often, for others (like me) that already had 2 outta the 3 challenges done on start day (only needed the mil points) it was very easy (got em on day 1). I am happy they did it this way though, as mostly only dedicated players will earn this unlock, which is extremely cool in my opinion. But you know what they say opinions are like… Everyone’s got one.


I think my issue is that different players started at different levels of progression already because two of the three challenges were retroactive. I don’t mind challenges that take more time or effort and I don’t expect things to be handed out to everyone - people need to put the effort and time in if they want it. But it feels a bit unfair that some players had it easy while others did not. TC probably wanted to reward old-time dedicated fans, but I’m not convinced this is the right or fair way to do it.

Yeah yeah. We know what you want Pepper "to each according to his need, to each according to his ability":joy:


These are serious structural inequalities Comrade Dave.


Yeah but rewarding the players who’ve been playing since day 1 can’t be a bad thing. If you don’t play it often enough to be ReUp 10 by now, then I don’t think you should be apart of the group who’s unlocking these relatively hard challenges. They’re not for the casual, they’re for the day 1, fans of the series.


I agree pepper… Your right, probably was not the best way to go about it.

You can say that but others didn’t have it easy. They had just finished the challenges beforehand. Everyone did the same challenges, just the veteran players who put in the time and effort to beat the camapain, or get to RU10 were rewarded for their previous work.

The Gilded Raam challenge wasn’t meant for people who just picked up the game. Probably the most sought after Locust character, this challenge was for the hardcore player. I suspect the next will be a COG for the hardcore player. Then we will see one of each side for the more casual or new players to take over to Gears 5.

One small request…release the snake skins TC.